Abe S. for Active Living Medical Center

August 23, 2023

Shoulder Pain solved with regenerative medicine

Video Transcript

Speaker: Abraham Sanchez

Describe your condition or pain that brought you to Active Living? (ie neck pain, knee arthritis, headaches)

Abraham Sanchez: Came to active living, had a problem with my right shoulder. It would freeze up on me at night. And, uh, since I've been coming here for about a month now, um, he actually frozen up on me.

Describe your experience, treatment and the results that you have gotten so far.

Abraham Sanchez: My experience has been, uh, very good, excellent. And I've gotten, uh, very good results, not born pain on my shoulder.

Are you happy with your overall experience and would you recommend us to your friends and family?

Abraham Sanchez: Very happy with the overall experience. And I would recommend uh doctor Jodi uh to my family and friends.

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