Trina Birthday Montage

November 13, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Mela. . PamLim. . . Aissa Benitez. . Catalina. Franz. Bailey & Riley .

Happy 39th Birthday Trina!!!

Aissa Benitez: Happy birthday Pans. I'm so glad I could greet you this way and not just send you a birthday card this year. Um, I thank you for being a friend for more than 20 years. I know that it's difficult to keep in touch, but I hope you know that I'm just here whenever you need me, and I look forward to seeing you next, february happy birthday.

PamLim: We wish your happiness, I wish you happiness and all the joy you deserve to see you.

Catalina: Happy Birthday Aunty Trina thank you for the gifts for my birthday.

If you had to take a guess, how old do you think (Auntie) Trina is?

Mela: I have two guesses of how old she is, 36 or 37 or 38 One of those three.

Catalina: Um uh Is she in her 20s,

how old do you think Nina Trina is? 40? 40. Okay.


Aissa Benitez: I think 20, but the most thing I think I feel like 20.

PamLim: No, How Old Is She? How About You 16.

Linda - Cousin: So I'm gonna assume 39. I'm just based on your professionalism


Would you trust uncle Justin or Auntie trina to cook for you?

Linda - Cousin: Um can Trina cook? Well I think that you probably used to be able to cook because it was a lot bigger and heavier back then. But now maybe y'all are,

Aissa Benitez: No, I don't think you can't cook I trust Uncle Justin.

Catalina: I think Aunty Trina could cook Bacon.

I think she can cook Why Because she makes better than you.

Yeah. I think both of them can cook.

Bailey & Riley : Who Cooks better Mom Mom Mommy, Sure, You microwave What Not All the Time?

Aissa Benitez: Not the food and she know why.

Mela: I don't know how well they both cook but I guess Auntie Trina because for some reason.

Who is the lucky one in the relationship, Uncle Justin or Auntie Trina? And Why?

Who do you think is lucky or Justin Justin? Do you think is nice?

Aissa Benitez: Definitely Trina, because I don't think she will ever think of doing this for Justin.

PamLim: MM. How about you, Aunt Trina Okay.

Mela: Both of them are lucky because they both have each other, so yeah, that's technically all I

What's the first word that comes to mind when you think of Trina?

What do you think of every time you hear Aunty Trina or nina Trina's name? A tree? A tree. Okay.

Bailey & Riley : What's the first thing you think of organized clean Really, Maybe the perfect, the perfect mom?

PamLim: I think you're smart, Smart, Yeah. How about you think she's nice? Yeah, that's nice, Okay.

Mela: The first one that comes to me is thoughtful.

Catalina: Uncle Justin is lucky because Aunty Trina is pretty.

Linda - Cousin: you're very sweet. Um you're caring and very patient.

Happy 39th Birthday from all of us! You mean the world to us!!

Mela: I wish you a happy birthday thank you for being so thoughtful and being a good host with me Happy Birthday.

Franz: What is the lucky one in the relationship not already known Justin? I think they're both lucky because the pot is beautiful and tina and Justin is handsome.

Oh you wish to had a happy birthday? I love you.

Bailey & Riley : Happy Birthday mom! Happy birthday love. Thank you for being a good mom. Perfect mom. Right and thank you for being a good auntie to our friends. Alright, thanks mom. Love you, Love you, Love you. Bye. Happy birthday. Happy birthday Tomorrow.

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