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Video Storytelling for Your Entire Business

Nothing communicates or convinces like authentic videos. Vocal Video unlocks the power of video for marketing, sales, recruiting, and employee engagement.

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The top ways smart teams use Vocal Video:


Remotely collect, edit, and share authentic testimonial videos from customers, employees, and experts in your industry. No other process is as fast or easy as Vocal Video.

  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Employee testimonial videos
  • Influencer/expert videos
  • Customer award videos
  • B2B case study videos
  • Real estate videos
  • Walls of customer love
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Create highly believable social proof from customers that tell your brand’s story. No camera crew or video editor necessary.

  • Videos for Amazon and Shopify stores
  • Video reviews for your website
  • Videos for review sites
  • Product unboxing videos
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Save time hiring by screening job candidates with video and boost recruiting efforts by showing off your team in company culture videos.

  • Remote, asynchronous video interviews & candidate screening
  • Employee testimonial videos
  • Candidate feedback videos
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Use Vocal Video to capture the most effective, lowest effort User Generated Content (UGC) videos for use on social media and your website.

  • Social media videos
  • Social promotions and contests
  • Educational videos
  • Crowdsource videos from events
  • UGC videos
  • Video montages
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Share powerful messages on video from company leaders and employees to bring stories to life to internal and worldwide audiences.

  • Team videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Executive videos
  • Employee award videos
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Get a steady source of original, trust-building videos so that you can rotate creative quickly, and see great results from paid social media marketing.

  • Easily create a continual flow of new videos
  • Format variations for each channel & platform
  • Scroll-stopping customer videos
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Build an on-demand library of video resources for your growing sales team to onboard new team members and keep the existing team up to date.

  • Training videos
  • Sales wins
  • Customer references
  • Sales tips and tricks
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Harness the power of your event speakers, attendees, and sponsors to increase event registrations.

  • Event promotion videos
  • Attendee testimonial videos
  • Sponsor testimonial videos
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