YC backed Startup Builds Full-Funnel Video Program from Scratch With Vocal Video

Rollstack removes the manual work of creating and updating slide decks for pitch decks, financial reporting, client presentations and much more. As a new startup, they had no framework for making the videos they needed for sales, marketing, and customer support before Vocal Video. Read on to find out why Rollstack chose Vocal Video over the competition, and describe the platform as “the iPhone of video testimonials.”

Speaker: Nate Corliss, Growth & Marketing Lead, Rollstack

How does your organization use testimonial videos?

Nate Corliss: Rollstack is a report automation company with clients around the world. Video testimonials are crucial to our marketing as well as our sales motion in building customer trust and explaining what we do.

What challenges did you have with creating video testimonials before Vocal Video?

Nate Corliss: As a startup, we're new to video testimonials and don't have any framework in place for making them. So we didn't even really know where to begin.

What’s the ROI of video testimonials for your organization, and how do you measure it?

Vocal Video plays a critical role in driving sustained success of our business.

Nate Corliss: Video testimonials are part of our full-funnel strategy spanning sales, marketing, and client support. It's hard to put an exact ROI number on it, but we're confident that Vocal Video will play a critical role in driving the sustained success of our business.

A case study created with Vocal Video:

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Nate Corliss: Yes, I recommend Vocal Video. After doing extensive research on similar video testimonial platforms, Vocal Video stood out to me for its ease of use both for myself as the primary Vocal Video user and also for our clients.

How would you describe Vocal Video?

Vocal Video is like the iPhone of video testimonials.

Nate Corliss: Vocal Video is like the iPhone of video testimonials. It's very intuitive and easy to use. Everything is where it should be. The design functionality is easy to access. The templates are easy to set up and then ultimately publishing and editing are very straightforward. And customer success is lightning quick.

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