Video Testimonials Made Easy: How RealWork Labs Collects and Promotes Customer Videos

RealWork Labs features real-life, relatable clients prominently on their website to show (not tell) prospective customers what it’s like to work with them. With Vocal Video, RealWork Labs has put into place a simple and effective program for eliciting amazing video testimonials to share on their website and more.

In this video interview, Lori Bainborough, Director of Marketing at RealWork Labs shares exactly how Vocal Video has made it easier than ever to gather client responses, and this powerful social proof in front of prospective customers.

Speaker: Lori Bainborough, Director of Marketing, RealWork Labs

How is RealWork Labs using Vocal Video?

Lori Bainborough: We've been using Vocal Video now for a few months to collect customer testimonials from our client base. We found that it's an easy, straightforward tool for our clients to use.

What impact are you seeing from using Vocal Video?

Lori Bainborough: The impact that we are already seeing from the testimonials has been great. We're also able to collect data on results from some of our clients.

We're hopeful that this data will help some of our prospective clients truly understand how our current client base uses our software, and how they've been successful.

How would you describe Vocal Video?

Lori Bainborough:

Vocal Video is an incredibly simple, straightforward, intuitive tool to use for your respondents.

There's no download needed. You just need a webcam on your computer and a quiet place.

The platform walks you through every step of the way, both for the person like myself who actually sets up the Video Collectors, and then for the respondents who are recording a video for you.

It's straightforward for respondents to record, redo, stop, and start - which makes things really easy.

In today's market, we all need something really easy.

Note: Ready to start easily collecting, editing, and publishing customer testimonial videos and video reviews? Create your free Vocal Video account.

Why would you recommend Vocal Video to others?

Lori Bainborough: I would definitely recommend Vocal Video for other folks, especially some that are just getting started in video marketing. There's nothing to lose. It’s an inexpensive tool. It’s really easy to get your team involved and add them to your account.

It’s super easy to send out video requests (Video Collectors) through email. You can embed the finished videos in your website, which we do.

Vocal Video covers the full gamut of anything you're looking to capture with regard to video.

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