University Surpasses Fundraising Goals by Promoting Student and Faculty Video Testimonials

The Office of Marketing and Communications at Middle Tennessee State University has automated the process of collecting student testimonial videos, and programmatically promotes the resulting content leading thousands of views across multiple platforms. Alumni stories are displayed on the university recruitment page, while their popular Youtube channel features testimonials from current students discussing why they chose MTSU, highlighting the university’s diverse programs. By adding Vocal Video into their marketing toolkit, MTSU has saved money and saved their in-house video editing staff tons of time, allowing them to focus on more demanding and creative projects.

MTSU’s Development Office utilized Vocal Video for their recent fundraising campaign, True Blue Give. The campaign featured videos from students, faculty, and alumni who participated in donor and beneficiary videos, enabling MTSU to surpass its fundraising goal of $670K, which supports various initiatives including scholarships, student emergency funds, individual academic departments, and MTSU Athletics.

Learn more from Andrew Oppmann, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at MTSU, about the pivotal role Vocal Video has played in fundraising campaigns and how testimonials have been integrated into all aspects of their marketing strategy.

Speaker: Andrew Oppmann, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Middle Tennessee State University

How does Middle Tennessee State University use testimonial videos?

Andrew Oppmann: We've been using Vocal Video for a range of purposes. First, we create student testimonials. We invite currently enrolled students to share about why they selected MTSU for higher education and what they enjoy most about their experience.

We also use Vocal Video to solicit donations through our development office.

We also have faculty members talk to prospective students about what they'll be studying. Vocal Video is ideal for short-form easy-to-create videos that focus on an individual and tell a story.

Some of the videos created for MTSU’s True Blue Give Campaign:

What challenges did you have with creating video testimonials before Vocal Video?

Andrew Oppmann: Before we started using Vocal Video, the greatest challenge was just the physical act of shooting video. It was a time consuming process that required us to be at a certain location to capture footage. We had to coordinate with staff and interviewees to schedule a convenient time.

Vocal Video removed some of the biggest obstacles. It's simple to use and people can use their own devices to shoot videos, at their own schedule. Participants have control over their responses and can redo them if they don’t like their video.

Capturing video testimonials used to be a time-consuming and expensive proposition. Thanks to Vocal Video, it’s now faster, easier, and better suited to MTSU’s needs.

What’s the ROI of video testimonials for MTSU and how do you measure it?

Andrew Oppmann: Everyone asks the ROI question, in particular of marketing.

The return on investment has been very favorable because it has saved my staff time - and time translates to money.

Before Vocal Video, we spent a lot of time shooting testimonial videos ourselves with our own equipment. Now that time is spent on the more complicated and strategic videos that require more intensive editing, camerawork, and multiple camera shoots.

We are able to accomplish the same thing faster, easier, and more comfortably for the people in the videos.

Short-format videos are perfectly set up for social media use. It's really just an ideal product.

Student testimonials shared on Youtube, Facebook, and other social media:

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Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Andrew Oppmann: It is pretty obvious that I wouldn't be doing this video if I didn't think Vocal Video was a good product! I've been pleased with the simplicity of use. It is an affordable product. My team agrees that it produces the type of video that serves the requirements of testimonial videos.

Vocal Video puts control on the subject by letting them using their equipment, based on their scheduling. They're comfortable using this technology.

Originally, our provost expressed concerns that the faculty might find Vocal Video too complicated. However, I said, "listen, here's the link. Give it a try. Tell me what you think." To my surprise, he quickly responded, “Oh my gosh, this is so easy!”

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and affordability, I believe Vocal Video is a valuable tool that can be utilized not only for testimonials, but for various marketing messages as well.

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How would you describe Vocal Video?

Andrew Oppmann: For what Vocal Video produces - it's state of the art. It's simple to use. Clients are very comfortable with the technology. It doesn't require a great deal of studying the instructions. Vocal Video is very intuitive and the product comes to us with logical easy-to-follow steps, so we are able to get it up and running quickly.

Vocal Video solves so many problems in terms of time, resources, and speed of delivery that would have been difficult otherwise. By using Vocal Video, we are getting a greater volume of responses.

Check out this MTSU faculty testimonial created with Vocal Video:

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