Marketing Agency Uses Video to Boost Growth in New Industry

Cody Daniels, CEO of NGame Esports is a marketer at heart and a trailblazer in a fast growing industry - collegiate Esports. His marketing agency creates influencer and thought leadership content using Vocal Video. Their clients highlight student athletes, university affiliates, and more - showing off every aspect of this new industry.

The videos generated with Vocal Video are shared on social media and used to educate collegiate Esports stakeholders at high schools and universities, inspiring them to establish new Esports programs.

Speaker: Cody Daniels, CEO of NGame Esports

Tell us more about NGame and the types of videos you create.

Cody Daniels: NGame Esports is a media company focused on video games and Esports. We create video, audio, and written content for Esports and video game businesses. We primarily produce videos based on interviews with industry leaders like professors, teachers, and coaches in the Esports industry. For us, Vocal Video is used primarily to create influencer, expert, and thought leader content.

How are you using Vocal Video?

Cody Daniels: We are using Vocal Video to capture video content for our clients. This type of video is usually used in outbound communications and on social media. We interview Esports and gaming teachers, professors, administrators, but also experts in different aspects of the industry.  With Vocal Video we capture a lot of cool content.

What impact do you see from video testimonials at your organization?

Cody Daniels: The impact we see from video testimonials have really been great. We use it to capture cool content from different individuals in the Esports and gaming space.

Our clients like the content from Vocal Video because they can use it to educate their stakeholders about Esports.

We also have clients that use Vocal Video to highlight different people in the Esports space, especially at the scholastic level. There are now over 300 universities and colleges in the US that have an Esports program. Those universities also offer scholarships. We want to be able to highlight those individuals and the colleges that offer an Esports program.

We now have a great number of high schools that have an Esports program as well. We use these videos for these teachers and coaches to highlight the impact they have had on their students, but also what it means to the local community as well.

Vocal Video allows us to highlight people throughout the Esports space, making great things happen.

What kind of Vocal Videos are you hoping to capture more of in the future?

Cody Daniels: The plan is to keep doing what we're doing. We want to use Vocal Video as an opportunity to highlight more people by capturing video content of individuals that are making an impact in the space. The videos have been great to use on social media platforms,

We plan to find unique ways to make sure we're highlighting the most people possible and ensuring convenience in how we capture videos.

Could you describe Vocal Video?

Cody Daniels:

Vocal Video is a great platform to connect customers with key stakeholders.

Obviously it's a great platform for video testimonials, but it's a great platform to capture any kind of video content from key people that you want to connect with, whether it's internally or externally. It’s been a great platform to connect stakeholders with the players, schools, and video game companies.

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