Kaya on how to bring thought leadership to life with video and audiograms

The Kaya Group has 80 years of collective experience in using science to create healthy, productive workplaces. The firm provides advice on employee well-being, leadership, coaching, team performance, diversity, inclusion, and more. Lianne Sipsma, Global Managing Partner at Kaya, discusses how her team uses Vocal Video to collect evaluations and create videos and audiograms to onboard new clients, and to share expertise.

Speaker: Lianne Sipsma, Global Managing Partner, The Kaya Group

How do you use video testimonials?

Lianne Sipsma: At Kaya, we make use of Vocal Video for a number of purposes. We use it for client testimonials - a traditional type of feedback from our clients. We've also asked our clients to provide video evaluations for programs that we've hosted or coaching that we've done. Additionally, Vocal Video is an important way to capture thought leadership and share that with our customers and prospective customers.

How do you use Vocal Video?

Lianne Sipsma: We've been able to use Vocal Video extensively for capturing thought leadership, and it’s been a powerful way for us to take subject matter expertise outside the typical formats, such as blogs, and instead bring that thought leadership to life with video. Our team’s subject matter experts can now share their thinking and anecdotes in a far more engaging format.

Vocal Video allows us to bring thought leadership to life with video.

I've always attached great value in being able to engage with people directly in order to understand their thinking. Vocal Video affords us as an organization an opportunity to tell our story, really put ourselves out there, and explain what our thinking is, how we approach problem solving as a business, how we make a difference, and add value in the lives of our clients. I've seen the impact internally, where we've used it for the purposes of onboarding, and I'm looking forward to seeing how we will benefit from sharing client testimonials and thought leadership with our clients.

How would you describe Vocal Video?

Lianne Sipsma: Vocal Video is the answer to all of my dreams as a small business owner. I've always wanted to be able to use video, which is such a powerful tool, but never had the means to. It's typically been fairly expensive and quite specialized and out of reach for us. Vocal Video has afforded me an opportunity to seamlessly and extremely easily capture video footage. I love the fact that it is professional and simple and then able to be shared widely amongst my clients and internal organization.

Vocal Video has afforded me an opportunity to seamlessly and extremely easily capture video footage.

Would you recommend Vocal Video to other colleagues?

Lianne Sipsma: I would highly recommend Vocal Video for many reasons, amongst which is the ease of use for the users, so people who haven't before produced videos are now able to engage with an external audience with a simple, facilitated step-by-step process. It's also possible to collect and produce videos within a fairly short amount of time and with little effort, leading to a very professional end product.

Check out these thought leadership sound bytes from Lianna Sipsma at The Kaya Group, collected, edited and embedded with Vocal Video.

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