How Vendition went from painstaking video production to a pipeline of high-performing content

Vendition helps people land jobs at the largest tech companies by providing training and job placement. They supply candidates to companies like Google, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Box with Sales Development Representatives - all graduates of their apprenticeship program.

Their greatest marketing assets Vendition has access to are stories from their graduates. With Vocal Video, the company is able to put the spotlight on alumni and give them a platform to share journeys and accomplishments. These video testimonials help alumni get hired at top companies, as well as inspire new recruits to sign up for Vendition’s training.

Taylor Johnson, Marketing Communication Specialist at Vendition, share how Vocal Video helps her marketing team create high-impact, high-performing content week after week.

Speaker: Taylor Johnson, Marketing Communication Specialist, Vendition

How does Vendition use Vocal Video?

Taylor Johnson: Vendition uses Vocal Video to help speed up our testimonial process and scale our team.

Before we used Vocal Video, our testimonial gathering process was lengthy.

We would have one of our team members doing the testimonial interviews with our candidates via Zoom, which then required someone to clip and stitch together that footage, overlay the music, insert the transition graphics and all of that good stuff. Now, with Vocal Video, we are able to reallocate that person on projects where they can shine.

Plus, Vocal Video is so easy that our marketing team can simply send out a link to our testimonial collector, get the footage and create clips and snips on demand to expedite the content quickly.

How do you use video testimonials at Vendition?

Taylor Johnson: Vendition uses Vocal Video to gather alumni stories about experiences with Vendition, and then we share these video testimonials with our greater audience to help validate Vendition’s value proposition, what our mission is, and the overall experience in our program.

The authenticity within Vocal Video testimonials is apparent, and when our alumni are able to record by themselves and from the comfort of their own home whenever they want. The genuineness of the alumni really shines through.

What impact have you seen as a result of using Vocal Video?

Taylor Johnson: It's no secret that stories help sell products and services.

Video testimonials are imperative to Vendition’s marketing strategy because they help portray authentic real life stories to our audience.

Video testimonials highlight the positive experiences of our alumni or current apprentices, which provides insights for not only potential candidates, but also boosts morale on the Vendition team when they learn more about how effective our services truly are.

Please describe Vocal Video.

Taylor Johnson: Vocal Video's platform has empowered Vendition to share stories with thousands of people.

Video testimonials  from Vocal Video are some of our highest performing social media content. The platform makes the process of gathering and editing content so easy, so we always have a pipeline of new and exciting material to share.

Why do you recommend Vocal Video to others?

Taylor Johnson: The Vendition team would absolutely recommend Vocal Video to others from a social media standpoint alone.

Vocal Video testimonials are typically our highest performing content week after week.

The Vocal Video submission process could not be any easier. If you're wanting to grow your brand and share more stories with your audience, Vocal Video is the top option for your team.

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