How to Automate Video Testimonials

Video teams are a must at many content-oriented organizations. At fast-growing companies like the Product Marketing Alliance, they can get overworked as the list of demands keep growing - and velocity of video creation suffers.

Video editors are happiest working on more sophisticated projects, but most organizations are also served by a great deal more relatively straightforward videos than a single team can reasonably produce. Rose Johnstone, Head of Community and Events at the Product Marketing Alliance, talks to Vocal Video during their latest webinar about how automated video testimonials are a game-changer for them.

By adding automatically produced videos into the mix with Vocal Video, the Product Marketing Alliance has increased their video content output while freeing up the internal video team to work on what they love best - high-production value, custom projects.

Speakers: Lauren Locke-Paddon, VP of Customer Success at Vocal Video & Rose Johnstone, Head of Community and Events at Product Marketing Alliance

Lauren Locke-Paddon: The scale The Alliance is operating at is really impressive. You're using Vocal Video across 12 distinct communities, and you’ve captured 199 videos from different people. There are 107 finalized videos and 66 distinct Video Collectors in your account.

The videos embedded  on your website have thousands, tens of thousands of plays. I'm curious to hear more about the growth as well as the growing pains.

Rose Johnstone: We are truly very lucky that we have a couple of awesome video editors as part of the team at the Product Marketing Alliance. However, we have been rapidly growing. However, those video editors have become incredibly stretched.

In our founding year, we had the opportunity to collaborate with video editors and work on ad hoc video, promotional content, and more. As we scaled, more events and courses were being filmed, and more edits were required.

For our video editors, the work that went into editing the weekly and monthly content kept growing and growing.

Some projects moved further down the list of priorities. However, some of those projects were actually fundamental to our marketing strategy.

Since certain marketing and event promotion were being pushed further and further down the list, we really wanted a self-serve solution. That is how we came across Vocal Video.

Lauren Locke-Paddon: Even at the Product Marketing Alliance, which places such emphasis on video production, the video editors seem to be stretched thin. I know from experience that you want those folks to be working on the highest-profile customer stories, and doing everything the marketing team needs can be impossible.

Vocal Video is a more automated approach. It’s a short-form and informal way to create video.

Vocal Video can free your video editors up to do their best work.

I’ve also found this increases the job satisfaction of folks on the video team because they're not working on something repetitive.

For the creative-side of video editing, working with customer testimonials can be a little bit boring for professional video editors. Vocal Video automates that repetitive process, keeping some of your most valuable resources happy.

We live in a time where video reviews are incredibly important. For events, it's a more concentrated world because everything is so time-bound. You either get the opportunity to get the registrations - or it's over, which is why

Automating any part of the process is crucial to the event’s success.

Rose Johnstone: Absolutely. The biggest win for us so far is having the ability to deliver a lot of high quality social posts with the use of Vocal Video. Automating that process makes it easy to keep the stream of fresh content coming.

Video is the top rated performer in a lot of social algorithms, even with our audience of marketing professionals. We are in a complete business to business space.  LinkedIn is a number one tool for us.

We don't just want to be repurposing the same content on social media, over and over.

We work on a global scale, which means we like to post  at varying times of day to make sure people can see our content.

If you're a marketer or a social media manager, you fall very quickly into that same couple of templates, same format, and you are crying out for some nice graphics and good video content.

The Product Marketing Alliance is producing content all the time. Since more and more of it is video based, we now rely on Vocal Video to automate video collection and editing.

Having a tool like Vocal Video means that we can leave our in-house video production team to much more complex projects, like the stuff that they find really rewarding like creating fun animations and promo sequences, recording our complex course content, or repurposing our event and video content.

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