How this Global Brand Exponentially Reduces the Cost of Video Production

Freyr Solutions is the largest regulatory solutions and services provider for the life sciences industry. With over 1,500 global customers and more than 20 locations around the world, Freyr had no easy way to collect video testimonials from customers or employees. Read on to learn why Freyr brought on Vocal Video to fundamentally change the way they create audiovisual media, and achieve significant qualitative and quantitative ROI.

Speaker: Rajiv Rangan, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Freyr

Rajiv Rangan: If I were to describe Vocal Video in just two words, it would be simplicity and fluidity.

What challenges did you have with creating video testimonials before Vocal Video?

Rajiv Rangan: Prior to Vocal Video, we didn’t have a process or platform to create video content at scale. We are a global company with 1,500+ customers and employees in various locations around the world. So there was no easy or cost effective way to centrally collect video content, whether it's employee testimonials or customer testimonials.

An employee testimonial video created by Freyr using Vocal Video:

What’s the ROI of video testimonials for your organization, and how do you measure it?

Rajiv Rangan: We believe using Vocal Video there'll be two kinds of ROI - quantitative and qualitative. So the quantitative ROI is primarily in terms of exponential reduction in cost of having to reach out to customers and recording their video, testimonials that scale globally, multiple languages etc. That would be a huge and costly initiative for a company like us without Vocal Video.

Exponential reduction in cost.

We believe that the way content is consumed has fundamentally changed. People are used to short form audio visual material. So we want to generate short form audiovisual content both from our employees and customers at scale. The qualitative ROI will come from fundamentally changing the way content is created and consumed, moving away from text to more of audiovisual content.

With Vocal Video, Freyr will fundamentally change the way content is created and consumed.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

It's very, very easy for any non-technical user to generate and disseminate the video content.

Rajiv Rangan: I would absolutely give a very big thumbs up to Vocal Video. I think it's one of the most fluid software applications that I've encountered recently. We are using a lot of AI tools and other cloud platforms. But one of the key things I like about Vocal Video is the simplicity and the fluidity in which the application flows. It's very, very easy for any semi-technical or even a non-technical user to generate and disseminate the video content. So I highly, highly recommend the tool to any B2B organization that's trying to create any sort of audio visual content.

A employee testimonial video created by Freyr using Vocal Video:

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