How the CFO Centre Group gets client video testimonials for authentic storytelling

The CFO Centre Group offers high calibre CFOs, delivering top quality finance skills at a fraction of the cost of full-time equivalents. JP Mills, Head of Storytelling, shares why it's critical to have their customers speak about results with their company vs. the other way around.

Speaker: JP Mills, Head of Storytelling, CFO Centre Group

What are the main ways your organization uses testimonial videos from customers, employees or experts?

JP Mills: Vocal Video has been fantastic for the CFO Centre Group and for me personally, as Head of Storytelling. It's allowed us to go and capture really authentic feedback and stories from our clients that we can share with the market.

What’s the ROI of customer testimonial videos, and how do you measure it?

JP Mills: There's no doubt that video testimonials give you a return on investment for your business. What we measure at the CFO Centre is: Do we take clients closer to their outcomes? If we do that and tell their stories through a very client focused lens - we know that other people talking about us is much more effective than us saying what we can do.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

JP Mills: There's so many ways in which you can use Vocal Video: For internal training videos, for capturing the thoughts of your network, for promoting your clients, and telling their stories. It's such a quick, simple, and authentic way to capture these videos. I 100% recommend that anyone give it a try.

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