How Syndigo Gets Beautiful Video Testimonials to Market - Fast

Syndigo provides a better way for their clients to manage their information with an integrated, comprehensive active content.  The company serves more than 50,000 global users across more than 12,000 global brands and manufacturers, connecting with more than 1,750 global recipient connections.

With a massive, global customer base, Syndigo has seen first-hand the power of feedback from their customers and employees. Prior to using Vocal Video, Syndigo ran into challenges with how long it would take to get customer and employee videos - and a lot of friction in the scheduling process. With Vocal Video they’ve been able to create high-ROI customer videos as well as capturing and sharing employee feedback. All totally asynchronously.

Read on about how Katie Gallo, Director of Field Enablement & Customer Advocacy, uses Vocal Video to collect, edit, and share video via marketing channels and internal communications.

Speaker: Katie Gallo, Director - Field Enablement & Customer Advocacy

How would you describe Vocal Video?

Katie Gallo: Vocal Video is a tool that simplifies the deployment, collection, editing, and publishing of videos.

Vocal Video allows companies to collect customer testimonials and then take them to market in a really compelling fashion.

How does Syndigo use testimonial videos?

Katie Gallo: At Syndigo, we use testimonial videos in a handful of ways but there are two primary use cases.

First, we use Vocal Video to collect employee internal information. Earlier this year, we had a commercial kickoff for our sales kickoff. We collected feedback on the event from different employees and their experience, what they learned, and what they would do differently. We were able to create a video to share across the entire organization with that feedback.

Employee testimonials boost energy and company culture.

Another way that we use testimonial videos is for our advocacy program. Currently, we will send the prompts to different advocates, customers, and clients. We collect feedback on their experience with Syndigo. We use those testimonials to inform different customer stories or to grab testimonial quotes. We also use those testimonials to give feedback internally.

Check out how employees reacted to Syndigo's big commercial kickoff:

What challenges did you have with creating video testimonials before Vocal Video?

Katie Gallo: Prior to using Vocal Video, we had many challenges getting testimonial videos. The primary challenge was the time investment it took to get a testimonial video.

We would have to find a mutually agreed upon calendar window that worked for both the person administering the questions and the person responding to the questions. That took a lot of time, often delaying the process.

Creating testimonial videos also required the respondent to feel comfortable giving their testimonial live on a call as opposed to how Vocal Video has set it up.

Vocal Video offers a level of comfort because respondents can use their own devices to record a video. They can think about their answers ahead of time and have unlimited retakes to get the perfect recording.

What’s the ROI of video testimonials for your organization, and how do you measure it?

Katie Gallo: The positive ROI of video testimonials is directly correlated to the ROI from our client success stories. We saved time gathering them and those stories have a huge impact on sales. Our employees and sales reps use these customer success stories with their prospects.

Client success stories are impactful because they show our solution working with a client. By watching them, a prospective customer can recognize if it would make a similar impact with them and then make an investment.

As we look to measure the impact of our advocacy materials and continue to be more data driven, I fully expect that there will be a clear ROI from being able to leverage more video testimonials and hearing from our clients directly.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Katie Gallo:

I would absolutely recommend that others try Vocal Video. It has been game changing for us in the way that we collect information from our customers.

The way that we use Vocal Video to gather employee feedback makes it incredibly easy for the respondent. It's hugely prescriptive.

Vocal Video has been really beneficial for making edits and compiling the videos into one longer series and video on our end.

I do not have any skill sets in the video editing space, but Vocal Video is really intuitive. It's made it really easy for me to put out high quality and compelling messaging from our clients and internal employees.

Learn more from current employees about the culture at Syndigo:

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