How this Nonprofit Went from 0-46 Videos Without a Marketing Team

The Family Violence Appellate Project (FVAP)’s mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of survivors of domestic violence and their children by providing free legal representation to domestic violence survivors.

FVAP turned to Vocal Video to reach more survivors and prospective new donors with powerful stories about the hard work they do on behalf of survivors everyday. Monica LaBoskey, Deputy Director of FVAP quickly got Vocal Video running across teams, producing content for use on social media, email marketing, and presentations.

In this customer spotlight, Monica shares how she was able to collect, edit, and share videos with Vocal Video, in spite of having no video or marketing background.

Speaker: Monica LaBoskey, Deputy Director, Family Violence Appellate Project

How does your organization use testimonial videos?

Monica LaBoskey: Family Violence Appellate Project is a small nonprofit with broad reach. We work in two states and provide resources nationwide for people who have experienced domestic violence, intimate partner violence, or gender-based violence in the home.

Vocal Video helps us to put a human face on the hard work we do every single day to serve the community.

What challenges did you have with creating video testimonials before Vocal Video?

Monica LaBoskey: As a small nonprofit, we don't have a dedicated team that can spend the time, energy, or the money to produce high quality videos. It’s important that we use our faces, our voices, and our passion to speak directly to the community, prospective donors, and anyone else who should be aware of the resources that we provide to the community.

Prior to having Vocal Video, it was really hard for us to produce videos that could be used on social media channels, email marketing, our website, or presentations to really talk about the good work that we do. We just didn't have the resources.

Vocal Video has given us the opportunity to put video testimonials together with ease. It’s been great using Vocal Video to really get our message out to the community.

FVAP has used Vocal Video to capture testimonials from board members:

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Monica LaBoskey: I recommend that everybody try Vocal Video. It has so much use well beyond an organization’s or company’s original intended purpose.  We’ve used it for customer outreach and success as a nonprofit.

We've had a lot of success in getting our message out through Vocal Video. I can also foresee use for personal endeavors and activities. It has so many opportunities. It's such an easy platform to use.

I have no technology or communications background, have been able to produce a number of wonderful videos, and teach it very easily to other staff members to use as well.

I think everyone should try to use Vocal Video and to be creative about expanding their use case.

Monica's staff have created employee testimonial videos that show their personal "why" for joining FVAP:

How would you describe Vocal Video?

Monica LaBoskey: Vocal Video is user friendly - so easy to use!

I don’t have any background in video editing, technology, or communications and was able to get Vocal Video running across my organization in no time.

The founders of Vocal Video are so absolutely committed to this product and to all of us who use it. I've had amazing interactions with the staff and the people behind Vocal Video who have supported me as I have questions. I just feel very much like a very valued customer of Vocal Video.

Vocal Video has been nothing but an absolute pleasure to use and I plan to continue to use it.

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