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How This Financial Services Company Quickly Scaled Video Production Across Sales & Marketing

Beacon Funding provides equipment financing services to US businesses. They use Vocal Video to collect, produce, and edit videos from subject matter experts at their company, guiding borrowers through what to expect, customer testimonials, and other content for digital marketing. Kelsey Bjork, Graphic Designer at Beacon Funding, also discusses how she helps Sales Development Reps use Vocal Video to edit content for social media, blogs, and more. Everyone from experts to beginners at video editing benefit from creating content using Vocal Video. These videos become the social proof first-time borrowers need to make a big financial decision.

Watch the video and read on to learn more.

Speaker: Kelsey Bjork, Graphic Designer, Beacon Funding

How does Beacon Funding use Vocal Video?

Kelsey Bjork: With Vocal Video, Beacon Funding is able to create testimonial videos for marketing purposes and video content creation.

Our customers are craving more and more video content. Vocal Video gives us the ability easily and quickly create that content.

Vocal Video offers automatic transcription and captioning. As the marketing team, we use that feature quite often. As designers, we use transcriptions because it's very easy for us to quickly scan what was said in the video and we are then able to pull out those sound bites from the video. We use the sound bites for marketing purposes.

Beacon Funding employee Aaron walks borrowers through what to expect when financing. See the blog on Beacon Funding’s website here.

How does your team use video testimonials?

Kelsey Bjork: As part of the marketing team, we are always looking to create new content and we're able to do that with Vocal Video. We simply send a Vocal Video link to our sales reps and have them record on topics that they are experts in, that align with whatever campaign we are running that month.

We are able to use that recorded content across all of our marketing platforms.

This is something that's been especially helpful for us since 2020, the beginning of remote work. It was super easy teaching sales reps how to record themselves in Vocal Video. We are able to have them record content for us from the comfort of their own home or office.

We also reach out to our clients to record testimonials about how Beacon has helped them as a funding source for their business.

What impact have you seen as a result of using Vocal Video?

Kelsey Bjork: We are able to help us reach a broader audience with video testimonials that we create using Vocal Video. We are able to clearly show who we are as a company, and let the customers get to know us better. This makes the brand much more personal.

Customers know that when they call us, they will know who they're speaking with, and what to expect.

Beacon Funding employee Robby shares tips on getting approved for a loan. Read the blog on Beacon Funding’s website here.

Describe Vocal Video.

Kelsey Bjork: If I could describe Vocal Video in just a few short sentences, I would say it's super easy to use, no matter your level of expertise.

I'm a graphic designer, so I know my way around video editing platforms very well. But a lot of times I'm working on projects with sales representatives in different departments who know nothing about video editing. I only need to spend a few minutes teaching team members how to use Vocal Video whenever we have a project. It's super simple to be able to show them how to use theVocal Video editing platform.

Vocal Video is easy, no matter if you're an expert or just a beginner.

Why would you recommend Vocal Video?

Kelsey Bjork: I can imagine all industries would benefit from using the platform Vocal Video. You're able to capture a moment that not all platforms are able to capture. You're able to showcase who you really are as a company or person, just by promoting your testimonials.

Beacon Funding employee Aaron lets borrowers know how to get the best payment possible. Read the blog on Beacon Funding’s website here.

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