How Bravo Transformed Sales + Recruiting Outcomes with Video Testimonials

In this customer spotlight, learn how Bravo Store Systems streamlined their processes for developing customer videos for sales and marketing, and employee videos for recruitment marketing. Bravo uses the video testimonials created with Vocal Video at every stage of the marketing and sales funnel and sees the results borne out in their pipeline and candidate attraction and conversion.

Kathleen Owen, Vice President of Marketing at Bravo, shares how they’ve set up Vocal Video so it’s like having four or five people on a video production team, except that it doesn’t cost many thousands of dollars a month.

How does Bravo Store Systems use testimonial videos?

Kathleen Owen: At Bravo Store Systems, we use Vocal Video a few different ways.

We use Vocal Video to collect customer testimonial videos. This has totally transformed our ability to get testimonials for our outbound email campaigns, sales campaigns, and social media. As head of marketing, I know that social proof is gold. Ultimately, our customers sharing their experience using our products really helps generate interest in our product. It also drives brand awareness, and more leads.

Prior to using Vocal Video, we'd have to schedule a Teams or a Zoom meeting. It was difficult to find time to schedule these 20 to 30 minute meetings. Then our marketing team had to do all sorts of editing. It took up a lot of our customers' time and our marketing team's time.

Once we discovered Vocal Video, it totally transformed our way to collect videos quickly.

Another way we use Vocal Video is for our own internal employee spotlights. When an employee is awarded Employee of the Month or when we have new employees join our team, we send them a Vocal Video link and they're able to really quickly create an employee spotlight video that then we can use to celebrate them.

Employee video testimonials support our recruiting efforts.

The last way we use Vocal Video is to create leadership and management videos. Sometimes there are big company announcements, product releases, and things that we want our leadership team to talk about. We're able to disseminate those announcements to all of our employees.

Vocal Video just makes it so much easier and faster to create montage videos.

We're not taking hours of our customers, our employees, and our marketing team's time to generate the videos and to edit those videos.

What challenges did you have with creating video testimonials before Vocal Video?

Kathleen Owen: We faced a few key challenges before we found Vocal Video. At Bravo, we have a very lean marketing team. Our primary accountability is to drive inbound leads for our sales team. But we also support every other department in the organization. We lacked an efficient way of coordinating schedules with both customers and employees in order to create testimonial videos.

Another challenge was the considerable time spent on video editing to ensure a high-quality and production-ready outcome. Our art director was the one doing all of that editing. Because of that, we weren't able to produce any sort of videos in volume.

Prior to Vocal Video, recording video testimonials required a lot of pre-planning and it took up a lot of resources.

I think that the other key challenge was that we weren't able to be agile. It was taking us so much time to create these videos - that when a large company celebration would arise such as a product launch or a big customer or employee success - we weren't able to immediately capitalize on that and capture those moments on video because we had to plan for so much time to generate and produce those videos.

What’s the ROI of video testimonials for Bravo Store Systems and how do you measure it?

Kathleen Owen: At Bravo, the chief accountability for the marketing department is to drive marketing qualified leads for our sales team and get them at bats and add potential revenue to the pipeline for them to close.

Using customer testimonial videos is an absolutely fantastic way to support our top of the funnel, our middle of the funnel, and our bottom of the funnel.

Those videos also help marketing efforts drive awareness, engagement, and ultimately conversion to a lead. We also use them in our sales sequences. Vocal Video is a way for our sales team to pull some of those prospects and customers over the line for an add-on deal. That's how we look at the return on investment.

We honestly spend pennies a day on Vocal Video because their pricing is so affordable. There's absolutely no question that we're getting a return on investment and we're also getting a return when I look at the soft ROI - the amount of time that it saves me, as the head of marketing; my marketing manager trying coordinate time with employees and customers; and my art director who was doing all the video editing.

It has freed up my marketing team to do other impactful lead generation efforts because we can run this in parallel without it taking up so much of our resources.

Hands down, this has been one of the best investments that we've made in supporting all of our marketing efforts to drive leads for the organization.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Kathleen Owen: 100%. I would recommend anybody using Vocal Video, whether you're in a marketing team or on a recruiting team or in a customer service type role.

There's no reason to keep doing things manually that you can automate with fantastic software.

The pricing is so affordable, you probably spend more money on your coffee in the morning than you would on a monthly subscription. Vocal Video just makes life so much easier. Video testimonials are not a burdensome marketing tactic anymore for us to produce.

Anybody who drives Vocal Video is never gonna go back to paying thousands of dollars a month to get customer testimonials like when you use an agency.

To me, Vocal Video is the best way, especially for scaling marketing teams or any sort of scaling business, to get meaningful testimonials in a super affordable and really quick and effective way.

How would you describe Vocal Video?

Kathleen Owen: I would describe Vocal Video as having my own in house video production team. I'm able to get requests for videos. I'm able to get those videos, the music's already put towards them. I can choose the questions that we want.

Vocal Video is like me having four or five people on a video production team and my marketing team, except I'm not spending thousands of dollars a month on that.

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