4 Compelling Examples of Employer Brand Videos (Get Inspired & Easily Create Your Own)

See four great examples of employer brand videos and find out how you can easily record your own using our platform.

Employer branding videos are an increasingly popular way of promoting your company culture and showing potential candidates that your company is a great place to work. These recruitment videos can be shared on careers pages, or used in emails sent directly to prospective employees. They provide social proof that your company has a quality work environment and are a way of attracting top talent and increasing recruitment conversion rates for your business.

Beyond the recruitment process, the best employer brand videos are also a way of increasing employee retention by showing current team members the work your organization is doing to ensure their work environment remains positive, productive, and collaborative.

The most effective employer brand videos typically fall into one of two categories:

  1. Videos showcasing your company culture: These are essentially reviews of your company’s values that help your organization stand out from the recruiting competition. They also improve employee retention by reminding teams of the positives of working with your organization and the work you do to keep current employees engaged and happy in their work.
  2. Videos focused on specific employee experiences: Employee testimonial videos that let job seekers hear personal stories directly from your current employees about what it’s like to work in your organization.

Traditionally, however, most employer branding videos are expensive to produce and require you to hire a professional film crew and video editors to make them look compelling and well-styled. For one-off company culture videos, the investment may be worthwhile, but making individual employee videos for each role you want to recruit for may be prohibitive if you take this approach.

Vocal Video’s video recording platform was specifically designed to give you a faster and easier way of recording high-quality employer brand videos from specific roles and departments without having to hire expensive video crews. These videos are recorded asynchronously on your team members’ own devices and are automatically edited to a professional standard.

In this article, we’ll show you:

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4 Employer Branding Videos Recorded Using Vocal Video

Below, we have put together a list of 4 great employer branding videos produced using our platform and recorded on users’ own mobile phones or tablets. The videos feature a range of real employee stories, interviews with team members, highlight reels of employee testimonials, and company culture videos used as part of each company’s recruitment marketing strategy.

Note how all of them are professionally-styled and easy to watch because of Vocal Video’s automatic editing process — and all of the video content is kept concise and compelling. The videos also include:

  • Employer branding and colors
  • Slides for the questions that each employee answers
  • Text overlays with names and job titles
  • Automatically generated captions
  • Background music

Read this article to learn more about how to ask the right questions for great employee testimonials.

1. Propelrr: Employee testimonials posted on careers page

Working at Propelrr: Find out what our team members have to say about their work at Propelrr (with Video Testimonials from Vocal Video).

Digital marketing agency Propelrr uses employer branding videos created using Vocal Video on its Careers page and below their Job Openings.

By including employee testimonials provided by team members in similar roles at the company, the company gives potential candidates a clear idea of what it’s like to work at Propelrr along with a clear picture of the experience from someone who is already working in an equivalent position.

Click here to see their employee testimonial videos on their Careers page.

2. Recovery Centers of America: Careers page combining employee stories and “A Day in the Life” videos

Uniquely, some of Recovery Centers of America’s (RCA) employees have also recovered from addictions through RCA programs. This gives their employee testimonials additional impact as they can vouch for both the effectiveness of RCA’s recovery programs and for their positive experiences as employees.

RCA also uses “A Day in the Life” videos on its Careers page to show prospective employees a real insight into what they can expect their working day to be like if they are hired by RCA.

3. Whistle: Genuine employee testimonials focus on positives of a specific role

These employee testimonials for Whistle on their careers page give prospective candidates a real idea of what the day-to-day of this specific role involves. This style of video is successful because the employee focuses on the positives and speaks directly to whoever is watching in a really engaging and relaxed way.

Read this article to learn more about creating Video Galleries within Vocal Video.

4. SecurEnds: Sharing employee testimonials across social media

Identity Governance and Administration tech startup SecurEnds shares its employer brand videos and employee testimonials on LinkedIn to attract more candidates. The videos are set up to automatically start playing within the platform.

Employer branding videos created using Vocal Video can be shared on all major social media platforms and embedded on most platforms.

How to Record Your Own Employer Branding Videos with Vocal Video

Vocal Video lets you put together employer branding videos like the ones in our list very quickly and easily. You don’t need to hire a film crew or professional video editors and the whole process takes you and your employees just a few minutes to complete.

Here’s how you can do it for yourself:

You start creating each video on our platform by building a “Video Collector”.

Here’s a brief explanation of how that’s done:

  • Give your video a title.
  • Add an incentive for employees to record video (optional).
  • Design 3 or more questions to ask employees to get the best responses. (You can opt to adapt or use suggested questions included in our Employee Testimonial Templates.)
  • Add your logo, colors, and branding for your employer branding video.
  • Send out an automatically generated link to your company’s employees.
  • When they click on the link, they are taken to your Vocal Video landing page where they follow each prompt they are given to record answers to your questions.
  • After submitting each answer, they can rewatch their response (and re-record, if they want).
  • After answering all the questions, respondents click “submit” and their part of the process is over. (In all, it should take around 5 minutes.)

Each Video is Automatically Edited by Vocal Video (With the Option to Manually Edit Using Our Built-In Tools)

Each of the videos you receive is pre-edited to include the following design elements:

  • Your employer branding (logo and colors)
  • Text overlays (interviewee names and titles, intro and outro texts)
  • Slides including the questions you asked
  • Background music
  • Automated subtitles
  • An automatically-generated transcript of the whole video

Vocal Video also gives you the option to make your own edits to each video.

Our built-in video editing tools are designed for anyone to use, even if they have no previous video editing experience. This means you don’t have to download your videos onto complex third-party video editing software to make the changes you want to make, although you do have that option if you prefer it.

Here’s a list of the changes you can make using our suite of video editing tools:

  • Re-order responses to questions.
  • Trim videos.
  • Change the background music (we offer a library of royalty-free tunes).
  • Modulate the volume of the background music.
  • Edit captions and transcripts, as necessary.
  • Put together a highlight reel featuring several videos or clips.

Share & Embed Employer Brand Videos Using Vocal Video

Vocal Video provides unique automatically-generated embed codes and share links for every video that’s recorded. You can use these codes and links to post your employer branding videos across your social media channels, on your website, or send them via email or messaging services. (Alternatively, you can download the videos and upload them to social channels so that they automatically play in the newsfeed.)

Share links take viewers to your fully-branded Vocal Video landing page where the videos are hosted and prospective candidates can watch the videos completely ad-free.

Click here to read an article about how to use our free testimonial app to embed our testimonial videos on your website.

Vocal Video: Record Great Employer Brand Videos Using Our Easy Process

With Vocal Video, you can record and share a variety of employer branding videos to promote your organization as a great place to work. Our videos are recorded by users asynchronously and arrive in your inbox edited to a professional standard, without any additional work for you. They are an inexpensive way of producing multiple videos for every aspect of your recruiting strategy.

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