COO on creating consistent, creative, and efficient internal communications

COO Andrea Robideau on creating consistent, creative, and efficient internal communications with Vocal Video

Safe Generations is an organization that provides consulting, training, implementation services and Integrated Technology Services to child welfare organizations. Andrea Robideau, Operating Officer at Safe Generations, shares how Vocal Video is used to foster an environment of ongoing learning and transparency.

Speaker: Andrea Robideau, Operating Officer, Safe Generations

How is Safe Generations using Vocal Video?

Andrea Robideau: Our team at Safe Generations has used Vocal Video to collect and share stories with each other about our successes. We also use Vocal Video to promote how we're demonstrating our core values within our organization.

It's really helped us foster a culture of learning and appreciation.

How are you, as Operating Officer at Safe Generations, using Vocal Video?

Andrea Robideau: In my role, I've used Vocal Video Collectors to record training videos and answer quick questions. The final videos become a consistent form of communication, shared across the organization.

What impact do you see at Safe Generations from using Vocal Video?

Using Vocal Video internally has helped our organization become more creative, more efficient, and more consistent in our communication.

Would you recommend Vocal Video?

Andrea Robideau: I would describe Vocal Video as a super simple, slick, and professional looking video production software that you can use in tons of different ways. You don't have to know complex video editing. You don’t have to use more complex software for editing videos.

The drag-and-drop functions, music choices, ways you can edit subtitles and colors, and even edit the video clips makes it really easy! It’s efficient to get high quality, professional-looking videos for any use.

I'd recommend Vocal Video to other people because it's easy, and it’s professional-looking, and

Vocal Video is worth the cost because you can use it in so many different ways.

Watch Safe Generation’s latest message to all their tech affiliates:

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