Convert More Buyers by Embedding Video Testimonials on Signup Pages

Learn how Hone and Lotus Themes use social proof in the form of video testimonials to accelerate the buyer’s journey on a demo registration page and dynamic client portfolio. This is an excerpt from our latest webinar with the Product Marketing Alliance.


Hone is a workplace training program that combines live classes with the power of technology to create a next-generation learning experience that drives behavior change around leadership & development, DEI, wellbeing, and more. Their tools are often rolled out company-wide.

Hone’s website boasts logos of big-name companies that have gone through Hone’s training program ranging from Indeed, Pacsun, Calendly, Rover, Aramark and more. These are reputable companies, but if you are a Director of Company Culture or HR Specialist considering Hone, they don’t give you the full picture. Written quotes by trusted industry leaders and CEOs also only offer a top-down testimonial of Hone’s platform. By adding relatable, informal videos on their Demo Request page, Hone can connect with a much larger audience.

Hone’s website brings you to a page where you can request a Demo. Anyone who makes it to that next step is about to make a high-consideration sale.

There is a video testimonial from Ellie Busmeyer, the Director of Learning and Development at Airtable. Elie shares her experience using Hone to facilitate training at Airtable.

Hone’s goal is to move as many potential customers to the next stage in their buyer’s journey - of actually raising their hand and asking for a demo. With a direct quote and embedded Vocal Video on their site, they build trust with this audience.

Ellie from Airtable’s story is relatable to smaller, lesser known brands, because her authenticity is undeniable. Someone who might be put off from the CEO’s written testimonials on the homepage, or the list of huge companies might be asking if Hone’s program is really best for their company. With this embedded video, they can be sure that it is.

Customers react well to brands who feature relatable and authentic customer stories. Lauren Locke-Paddon

Lotus Themes

Lotus Themes is a Zendesk partner that specializes in help desk functionality, created by professional designers. Their services are useful to any company large enough to have a website and customer support department.

When a prospect visits Lotus Themes’ portfolio, they are typically invested enough to preview actual work samples. Lotus Themes has photos of their work, live on many clients’ help centers - Firstkey Homes, Hims/Hers, Study Smarter, League of Legends, and more. Like an artist displaying their best work for potential collectors, Lotus Themes shares their best samples for future customers. Unlike many portfolios, Lotus can is also able to feature a testimonial video alongside examples of their work.

Lotus Themes weaves a customer story right into their page seamlessly. Lauren Locke-Paddon

While you can see that Lotus Themes produces cohesive and dynamic designs, you don’t know what it’s like to work with them. That’s why a video testimonial is woven seamlessly into their Portfolio page, featuring Oren Ben-Ami is the Head of Product Education at HiBob, next to a live link of the work Lotus Themes has completed for Hibob’s help center. This video accompanies the first example, and is the most prominent on the page.

Our requirement was that we wanted to show specific content tailored to specific users. But we didn’t know the solution and Lotus provided that solution. Oren Ben-Ami, Head of Product Education at HiBob

You can see how Lotus Themes is working for Hibob right now by clicking the link provided next to the enthusiastic video. You can see a bullet point list of specifications of the theme Oren has chosen. All these aspects work together to provide the ultimate social proof.

This testimonial provides even more social proof that can ultimately convert the buyer.

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