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Clari on How to Get More Video Testimonials that Sales and Marketing Love

For revenue software company Clari, customer video testimonials are essential social proof for winning deals and boosting top of the funnel traffic. In this Vocal Video spotlight, Chris Dalton, Sr. Customer Marketing Manager, covers how he’s been able to produce more than 40 new testimonial videos in the last 6 months, up from only a few. These assets help meet the demand from sales, social media, and the rest of the marketing team for fresh social proof.

Watch the video and read on to get the inside scoop on the cross-functional work that Chris is doing at Clari to achieve an impressive velocity of high-impact customer stories with a lean team.

Speaker: Chris Dalton, Sr. Customer Marketing Manager, Clari

Chris Dalton: I'd recommend Vocal Video to any customer marketer that wants an easy-to-use and scalable video creation solution. You can capture compelling customer testimonials in a format everyone loves.

Vocal Video has been a cornerstone in Clari’s customer evidence program. It's allowed us to grow our customer videos from just a few to over a dozen.

How do you use Vocal Video?

Chris Dalton: It's tough to get people's attention to read long form content. Quick video testimonials are by far the most popular assets our sales team uses as customer proof with prospects. With video it's more than just sharing a quote. Your customer advocates are sharing their experience in their own words, in an easy to consume format.

At Clari, we use Vocal Video to capture customer testimonials that are shared in a number of ways. Our field teams share videos with prospects. Our social team uses videos on Linkedin, and we feature customer videos on our website to provide customer evidence for top of the funnel traffic.

How do you collect videos?

Chris Dalton:

We use Vocal Video to create customer testimonials as an easy alternative to sending video teams to on-site shoots.

It allows us to quickly capture customer videos from wherever they are.

What results have you seen?

Chris Dalton: Vocal Video allowed our customer evidence program to grow our directory of customer videos.

Our sales and marketing teams love the velocity at which new customer content is made available to them.

They appreciate how agile the customer marketing team has been in fulfilling requests for different customer use cases, personas and industries.

Note: Ready to start easily collecting, editing, and publishing customer testimonial videos and video testimonials? Create your free Vocal Video account.

Any final thoughts?

Chris Dalton: Vocal Video has made it easy to quickly capture a large number of video testimonials from customers, no matter where they are.

Vocal Video has helped me create videos from start to finish without needing to rely on design teams or in-person videographers.

Check out some of the customer testimonials Clari has created with Vocal Video:

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