Ad-free Hosting and Embeds for all Vocal Video Customers

Major news: You can now embed videos on your website directly from your Vocal Video account with ad-free hosting.

You’ve created a bunch of great new testimonial videos with Vocal Video. Now you’re facing the all-important step of how to embed them on your website and blog, and share them everywhere you reach your customers.

The problem with hosting your videos on Youtube

The first place your mind might go is to YouTube. YouTube hosts millions of hours of video, and has been in the game for an impressive 15 years. Uploading your videos to YouTube allows you to reach a built-in engaged audience on their site. Sounds pretty sweet.

Using YouTube is free in terms of dollars, but comes with a major catch. YouTube can place ads in front, in the middle, or at the end of your video, while it plays on their site. These ads are referred to as pre-roll, mid-roll, and post roll ads. Anyone in the world, including your direct competitors, can purchase ads on your video content and get in front of your hard won audience.

Using YouTube is free in terms of dollars, but comes with a major catch. YouTube can place ads in front, in the middle, or at the end of your video, while it plays on their site.

Even more insidious: once you embed a YouTube video on your website, your web traffic is no longer yours. For example, YouTube places a list of other videos to watch after your embedded video finishes playing. If your prospect clicks any of those videos, they will be taken away from your website and onto YouTube. Say bye to your engaged prospect. Precious traffic can be siphoned from your website (where you really want your leads and prospects to be) and redirected to YouTube to watch more videos - often never to return. By using YouTube as your primary video hosting platform, you’re giving YouTube permission to steal your traffic, make advertising money from your users, and direct traffic to your competitors. Starts to sound kind of expensive.

The alternative to Youtube: paid video hosting

Enter the need for paid, ad-free hosting services, like Wistia. Wistia is awesome. We’ve been customers of theirs several times over years, but with pricing starting at $99/month (for just 10 videos) the cost can just be too much to bear for smaller, lean teams that might not need all the features that they offer.

With Vocal Video includes ad-free video hosting and embedding

We want the new testimonial videos you’ve created with Vocal Video to deliver the maximum ROI possible for your business.  To that end, we are excited to offer ad-free hosting and embedding to all Vocal Video customers at no additional cost. All you have to do is copy the embed code into your blog or website, and the video player will appear. All the traffic stays on your site, with no ads, and no additional fees.

Vocal Video’s pricing starts at $99/month. That's equivalent to Wistia's least expensive paid plan, which only offers video hosting, and won't help you actually, y'know, collect, edit, and publish testimonial videos!

Instead of paying for multiple services, with Vocal Video, you get video collection, editing, and ad-free video hosting in one affordable package.

Now you can remotely capture authentic video stories, edit them like a pro (without having to learn complex tools) *and* host them for the same cost that you’d be paying for a service like Wistia.

Here are some examples of how Vocal Video customers are embedding their videos on their sites:

Vocal Video testimonial embedded on Martha Stoumen Wines website
Martha Stoumen Wines uses Vocal Video to embed videos on their Community Love page
ShapeHouse customer testimonial video gallery
ShapeHouse, a custom home developer, embeds multiple video stories from happy customers with Vocal Video

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