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Pay $99 per published video

Best when:
  • You only want to publish a few videos per year
  • You don't mind if unpublished videos and responses are archived after 14 days
  • You want to enable downloads or remove the Vocal Video watermark from your free videos

Select an annual subscription

Best when:
  • You want to be able to publish unlimited videos
  • You want to be able to download raw response footage as well as published videos
  • You want all unpublished videos to remain available for use as long as your account is active
  • You're working as part of a team
  • You want other features available only in our annual plans

There's no need to choose now. Create a free account, start publishing for free, and decide when you're ready.

Watermarks & Downloads

Free videos have a Vocal Video logo (a 'watermark') in the corner and can't be downloaded.

When you pay per video or upgrade to an annual plan, watermarks are removed and downloads are enabled.


If you publish a video for free, you can upgrade or buy it later to remove the watermark and enable downloads.

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