Pay Per Video

No subscription? No problem.

Want to go beyond our free plan, but don't want an annual subscription? Pay-per-video may be for you.

Paid videos are priced at $99 each. They are:

  • Downloadable, in full 1080p HD
  • Uploadable to Youtube, Instagram, and other hosts
  • Have no Vocal Video watermark
  • Ad-free video hosting and embedding is included

Here's how pay-per-video works:

  • Create your free Vocal Video account
  • When you publish a video, select "Buy This Video"
  • Your paid video will be downloadable, rendered at 1080p resolution, and have no Vocal Video watermark
  • If you've already published a free video, you can still buy it to remove the watermark, enable downloads, and increase the resolution to 1080p

That's it! There's no annual commitment.

About Free Videos

With a free Vocal Video account you can publish 3 pro-style videos at 720p resolution (1280x720).

Free videos have a small Vocal Video watermark:


You can share & embed free videos, but downloads are disabled.

If you publish a video for free, you can buy it later or upgrade to a paid plan to remove the watermark, enable downloads, and get 1080p resolution.

Get more value with an annual plan

If you want to publish a large number of videos, need multiple users, or use any of our more advanced features, a paid subscription will be a better value.

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