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A running log of Vocal Video product updates and new features.


v23, released March 5, 2021

In v23 we released a much-requested capability for Professional and Enterprise users: the ability to include a custom video release or waiver in the collection experience. You can read more on the details here. All Vocal Video customers will now have the ability to personalize their Collectors with our new URL builder, and customers will no longer need to fill in contact info. You can read more about this here.

  • New feature: ability to upload custom click-through video releases to Video Collectors
  • Personalized invitation URL builder

v22, released February 15, 2021

Vocal Video Thumbnail Builder
Vocal Video Thumbnail Builder screenshot

With v22, all Vocal Video customers can create and customize thumbnails for each of their videos. This makes our ad-free hosting and embedding even more powerful, and puts important creative control with a simple interface in the hands of all users.

  • New Thumbnail Builder available in the Vocal Video Editor, with 10 suggested thumbnails per clip
  • Ability to upload custom thumbnails
  • Collector template directory improved for easier browsing
  • Referral program expanded and improved

v21, released January 19, 2021

  • Brand new explainer video now on homepage
  • Vocal Video Knowledge Base released
  • Resources design and navigation refresh
  • Improved full frame capture recording

Released: January 11, 2021

v20 Vocal Video now allows you to have more choice and control over the visibility of the videos that you publish.   All videos by default are published as public.   Public videos are ones that have their own unique URL for sharing, can be embedded on a blog or website, and are indexed by search engines like Google.

Now, with Team and Professional plans, you can set the desired visibility on a video by video basis when you publish or set the default visibility behavior for all your videos at the account level in the settings section of the application.

In addition to public visibility, you can choose from unlisted or private visibility options.   Unlisted videos are videos where you still may want to share them with colleagues or embedded them on your site or blog, but you do not want them to be indexed by search engines.   Private videos have no public URL and can't be embedded or accessed, unless logged into the Vocal Video application.

Vocal Video Referral Program

We just announced our referral program.   Please spread the love!   Tell a friend about Vocal Video and we'll happily give you a $100 Amazon gift card and your friend will receive $100 off their Vocal Video annual subscription.   It's a win win!    More details of the program can be found here.

Released: November 20, 2020

v18 Vocal Video now offers a complete video marketing platform from start to finish - including the critical ability to embed videos in your website or blog with ad-free hosting and remove watermark from videos.

Video marketing often involves time-intensive and expensive touch points with multiple employees, agencies and software vendors. With our new release of ad-free video hosting and video embeds, you can now collect, edit, publish and embed new testimonial videos with ad-free hosting with one simple solution: Vocal Video.

Here’s a complete list of the brand-new features you’ll now find in your Vocal Video account:

Video embeds and ad-free video hosting

Perhaps the most important step in your journey of creating brand new video content is sharing it with your audiences. We’ve made it easy to grab the embed code from each video and seamlessly drop it into your website or blog. The video hosting is also included, so no need to pay for expensive new software to host your videos, or deal with ads on Youtube and Vimeo.

Remove watermark from videos

Team plans and above all now have the ability to remove the watermark from published videos. Vocal Video branding can be toggled off for video collectors as well in Professional plans. (Plan breakdown here.)

Redesign of the Dashboard

The most arresting change you’ll notice logging into Vocal Video is the updated design of the user dashboard when you first log into the application. For new users, a short video tour of the application is available as well as a checklist of the critical first steps to launching a video collector and creating new videos from customers, influencers and more. Brand-new video tutorials take you through the basics as well as advanced features. Video drafts and the Collector Builder are easily accessible from the first page.

Activity Feed

You’ll see on the right a running feed of all activity highlights in your account from all users. New responses and automatically created video drafts, new users, and new published videos are all now highly visible.

Mobile friendly

Collecting videos has been seamless with the Vocal Video Collector since day one. In this release you’ll notice a much more mobile friendly experience in the video editing and publishing experience as well.

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