Product Update: Enhanced Video Player & Embeds

Learn about our enhanced video player with support for custom branding, and our new popover option for video embeds.

After you publish videos with Vocal Video, you'll want to share them with the world by sharing a link or embedding them on your site. That's why Vocal Video includes ad-free hosted video pages and flexible, mobile-friendly video embeds.

Well, we're excited to announce some big improvements to both!

Video Player Enhancements

1. Custom Branding & Play Button

Now you can customize how your video players look to keep them all on-brand and in sync. Go to Settings → Account Branding and you'll see a new Video Player Settings section. You can control the colors used for the big centered play button and the timeline bar. You can also control the style of the big play button and whether it's solid or translucent.

branded video player
Where the new branding controls show up in your video players.

These settings apply to all your active video embeds and your hosted video pages, so there's no need to change them all one-by-one to keep them in sync. Just set your player branding once and it'll apply everywhere.

2. Timeline Thumbnails

When your mouse hovers over the video timeline, you'll now see a preview image of what the video looks like at that point in the timeline:

video timeline thumbnails
Preview images on the video timeline

Note: if you have videos published prior to September 2021, you'll need to republish them for the timeline thumbnails to be generated. This won't use any additional video storage or publishing credits.

3. Rewind 10 Seconds

The video player now includes a handy rewind-10-seconds button:

rewind video button

4. Keyboard Controls

Now you can control your videos with the keyboard:

  • Space bar: toggles play/pause.
  • Right and Left Arrow keys: seek the video forwards and back.
  • Up and Down Arrow keys: increase and decrease the volume.
  • M key: toggles mute/unmute.
  • F key: toggles fullscreen off and on.
  • Double-clicking with the mouse: toggles fullscreen off and on.
  • Esc key: gets you out of fullscreen mode.

Note: keyboard controls aren't activated until your video starts playing. This prevents them from interfering with normal browser functions, and any other keyboard controls your site/app may use.

5. Cleaner Design

We've worked hard to tighten up the design of the video player to give it a crisp, premium feel that works well with any brand.

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New Options for Embedded Videos

Update: Vocal Video now has even more ways to show off your videos, with customizable video galleries and embedded cards featuring key quotes from your customers. Read the announcement →

While the improvements above apply to embedded videos as well as your hosted video pages on, we've made some additional enhancements to video embeds:

1. Popover Embeds

Embedded videos have a new playback option we call "popover" where your video plays back in a fullscreen overlay. This is very useful if you're embedding your video at a small size, or creating a video gallery where each video is represented as a small thumbnail image. Check it out in this live example:

Note: popover playback isn't compatible with autoplaying videos, since those videos begin playing as soon as they scroll into view.

2. One-at-a-time Playback

When you have multiple video embeds on the same page, they will now only play one at a time. Previously, if one video was already playing and you started a second video playing, you would have two videos playing simultaneously – confusing!

3. Streamlined Embed Builder

We've made it easier to preview & configure the new popover feature along with the previously-available controls for autoplay mode, corners, shadows, and alignment.

video embed builder
Streamlined embed builder

Always Ad-free

Vocal Video is a complete solution for collecting, publishing, sharing and embedding videos from your customers, employees, and candidates. So we're committed to continuing to offer business-class, ad-free video hosting with every subscription.

With Vocal Video, you'll never have to choose between accepting ads in your videos or paying for an additional business video-hosting solution – it's built in.

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