How does Video Storage Pricing work?


In order to keep costs fair across our customer base, we have a set of usage-based storage tiers layered on top of your monthly or annual subscription.

You’ll start each subscription with a certain amount of free video storage (measured in minutes), and as you collect more responses and publish more videos you’ll start to use that up. We’ll automatically bump you into the next tier of storage if you hit the next tier of storage and charge the credit card associated with your account. Any unused storage is credited back to your account at your next renewal.

Video storage limits are outlined on our pricing page.

How video storage is calculated

Published videos, video responses, and video greetings in your collectors are included in your video storage total. Draft videos are not counted since they use less storage space.

How to reduce video storage

We'll alert you if you reach 80% of your current storage tier. Here are some quick tips to reduce your video storage. Step by step instructions  on how to delete videos and responses here.

  • Delete responses you don't plan on publishing. (Please note, you’ll need to delete any draft videos that incorporate these responses before deleting responses.)
  • Delete published videos you aren't using.
  • Remove video greetings from old collectors
  • Upgrade to a plan with more free storage

Notes on Video Storage and Plans

We’ll notify you when you get close to hitting your video storage limits. At that point it’s good to evaluate whether you’d like to delete unwanted video responses to stay under the limit, or whether upgrading to the next plan might make sense for your company. By upgrading, you’ll get significantly more video storage included, and additional features that might be useful for you.

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