Testimonial Video Production: Create High-Quality Videos without a Film Crew

This article shows you how to use an affordable testimonial video production platform. Find out how to make high-quality video content as often as you want.

Most testimonial video production services are expensive and have super long lead times that make it difficult to produce video testimonials quickly and at scale. Even if you can afford to wait (and pay), hiring a testimonial video production company still involves significant work for you, including:

  • Asking your customers to carve out time in their calendar to provide a testimonial.
  • Coordinating you and your interviewee’s schedules for the shoot.
  • Liaising with the video production company on project management.
  • Waiting (sometimes weeks or more) for video editing and post-production.
  • Reviewing and approving multiple versions of the same testimonial video.

As a result, even if you can afford the cost of a corporate video production company, just the logistical hurdles above mean that producing customer testimonial videos with a production company will take a lot of your employees time and energy. Plus, you’ll be limited in the number of videos you can realistically produce.

Before starting Vocal Video, we experienced these challenges first-hand, realizing how much work and expense goes into the entire process. So that’s why we asked ourselves:

Could there be a way to produce as many high-quality testimonial videos as we need, at a much lower price point, and without any of the hassle of hiring a video production company?

(No video shoots, no scheduling time with customers, no traveling to their site, no elaborate editing.)

We created a solution: Vocal Video. It’s a far easier way of producing customer testimonial videos that are high-quality, affordable, and easy to scale.

Our testimonial video recording platform lets your customers record a testimonial for you on their own computer or phone, by simply pressing record and answering a few questions that you set ahead of time.

Here’s a great example of a customer testimonial recorded using Vocal Video:

Note how the video testimonial comes fully-branded, includes background music, text slides, and smooth transitions between ‘scenes’.

All these touches are automatically added by Vocal Video and can be easily edited by anyone — no professional editing experience required. The end result is a collection of authentic customer testimonials, which help build trust with the viewer and provide everything a brand needs for social proof.

In this article, we’ll briefly show you how you can use Vocal Video to collect similar testimonial videos asynchronously and at scale.

By using our platform, you’ll speed up your testimonial video production process and make it so affordable that you can ask for and make video testimonials whenever you need them. Then, we’ll show you three more testimonial video examples produced using Vocal Video, for inspiration.

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Testimonial Video Production Made Easy Using Vocal Video

Vocal Video gives you all the tools you need to collect, record, edit, publish, and host testimonial videos in a single platform.

Our software eliminates the need for you to hire a film crew or videographer, and allows you to create corporate videos, testimonial videos, product videos, case study videos, and many other types of video using a simple, streamlined process.

Compared with using a traditional video production company, Vocal Video’s pricing is extremely affordable. This means you can use it regularly and collect as many client testimonials as your video marketing strategy requires.

Click to learn more about the potential costs of a testimonial video.

Here are the steps to record and collect a video testimonial using Vocal Video:

1. Ask your customers to record a testimonial video on your behalf.

To request a video testimonial, you simply grab a link from Vocal Video and paste it into an email.

You also have the option of using our three-step email sequence — which is included with each of our 45 video testimonial templates — to ask for, and follow up on, customer testimonials.

Video Testimonial Templates: Get the video testimonial questions, templates, and example emails you need to collect professional videos from customers, employees, and experts.

These emails are fully customizable and proven to increase response rates, which gives you the chance to collect more great testimonials for your marketing campaigns.

The link you’ll send your customers is what we call a video collector. The collector itself is what will guide your respondents through all the steps of recording their customer testimonial video.

For a full description of how to build your video collector, watch our five-minute guide.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  • Include three to five questions you want to ask. Instead of lengthy testimonial interviews and hours of interview footage, a few well-designed questions will prompt high-quality answers and perfect soundbites from your ‘interviewees’.
Video Collector Question Examples in Vocal Video.

Alternatively, you can use the sample questions included in our templates and adjust them to your needs.

For more information on writing great testimonial video questions, see our in-depth article on Why You Don’t Need 25 Questions for Your Next Customer Video Testimonial.

  • Optional: Add an incentive for recording a testimonial. The video collector builder gives you the option of adding an incentive (a gift, a giveaway, or Vocal Video’s prize drawing, for example) to encourage respondents to record a testimonial for you.
  • Write or record an introductory message. A quick introductory paragraph, or short video, explaining what you are asking your customer to do, and thanking them for taking part, makes the recording process much smoother.
  • Add your brand colors and logo. Each video collector, and the final testimonial video, is fully-branded to your business, so you add your logo and brand colors before you send the collector out to your customers.
Account Branding within Vocal Video: Set your logo, company name, background color, button & accent color, etc.
  • Copy the automatically generated link and send it out to customers. When your customer receives the link in an email, they simply click to be taken to your branded landing page and start recording on their own device (they don’t have to download any software, or sign up for any services).

2. Get customers to record their video testimonial on their own device.

When your customer receives the collector link, they are ready to start recording their testimonial video. This can be done on any laptop, tablet, or mobile device they choose.

With Vocal Video, you can record testimonial videos on any device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.).

Customers simply follow the step-by-step process to record their answer to each of the questions you set, in turn, recounting their positive experiences of your brand. They get a chance to watch what they have recorded and re-record if they don’t like how it turned out.

When they’re done, they click to finish and their part of the job is done.

3. You get a pre-edited version of the testimonial video.

As you can see from the example video testimonial we included in the introduction, Vocal Video automatically edits the footage your customer records and adds the following features:

  • Your branding
  • Your colors
  • Royalty-free background music
  • Text slides
  • Animated transitions

All of these things save you time on post-production — allowing you to get your testimonial video online and working as a part of your digital marketing strategy as quickly as possible.

4. Use Vocal Video’s built-in editing tools to polish your video testimonial.

You can edit your video within Vocal Video’s platform. You can polish, trim, and tweak the customer testimonial video content you receive to make it more engaging and impactful. Plus, you don’t need any experience with video editing to do so.

Vocal Video allows you to easily edit your testimonial videos within the platform.

This is a far easier and faster way to edit videos than using professional editing software like Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro.

It also means that later on, if you want to make a tiny edit to a video (making a subtle change to a customer’s job title for example), you can do so yourself, in minutes, instead of emailing the production company and waiting for them to do it.

Click here for more details on how to use our in-built suite of video editing tools.

3 More Examples of Client Testimonials Created Using Vocal Video

1. eQ Homes

This example of a Canadian couple reviewing home building contractor eQ Homes shows how authentic a Vocal Video testimonial can be. In fact, the power of customers recording their own video comes across as much more genuine than a highly-polished corporate video could ever be.

2. Famtastic Fertility

This longer customer testimonial video, for a fertility tracking course with Famtastic Fertility, comes across as highly professional and put together, even though it was recorded at the customer’s home on her own device.

Vocal Video’s straightforward video collection and recording process has put the customer at ease and allowed her to provide great answers to the questions.

3. Wrike

Click here to see our Wrike case study.

This brief, but very efficient, customer testimonial for work management platform Wrike Spaces demonstrates that when an interviewee provides sharp, insightful answers to the interview questions set in the video collector, a testimonial doesn’t need to be long.

Click here for more examples of how our customers use Vocal Video to create various types of testimonial videos.

Vocal Video: A Single Platform for Affordable and Repeatable Testimonial Video Production

Vocal Video gives you a straightforward way of asynchronously collecting and recording customer testimonial videos at scale.

It makes testimonial video production easy, affordable, and repeatable, so you can leverage the power of video in your marketing strategy without having to use expensive videography services or video production companies.

Note: Want to experience for yourself how easy video testimonial production is using Vocal Video? Sign up for a free Vocal Video account to start using our all-in-one platform for recording and collecting high-quality testimonials repeatedly, and at scale.

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