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Check out this 5-minute video detailing everything you need to know about the Vocal Video Editor.


Let's do a deep dive into the Vocal Video Editor. Your subject has responded, you've clicked on the link in the email  and it's taken you to a window that looks very much like this. So the first thing I like to do is actually preview  what Vocal Video has created for you. So this will be the video draft that will already have music and subtitles and graphics.

The nice thing about previewing the draft is you get a sense of the story that you're going to want to tell with this testimonial video. The next thing I like to do is take a look at the subtitles. You'll be able to review all of the automatically generated subtitles. You can go through and listen and edit. And this is also when these keyboard shortcuts start to come in really handy. So over here on the left-hand side, you can see that you can play and pause with the space bar and move backwards and forwards.

If you decide you want to get rid of the subtitles altogether, just click visibility and toggle that to off.

After the subtitles are all buttoned up, click over to the scenes tab. And this is where you really get that bird's eye view of the video. You can see the automatically generated logo slides, the text slides, and then your videos. By hovering over each scene, you see some shortcuts: you can delete the scene altogether, you can duplicate it if that makes sense, you can trim it or edit it or edit the video settings, or you can preview them right here. At this point, it often makes sense to trim your video scenes.

So if we click on this scene, get to all the scene settings on the right, and I can click on trim scene.

This will take you to a very simple editing interface where you can play and pick out the exact snippet you want just by dragging the corner here. Again, these keyboard shortcuts can come in really handy for this kind of scene editing.

It's useful to come back to the scenes tab, to take a look at some of the branding options you have. So if you click on logos, this is where you can update the logo that's used on the logo scenes. And also in the corner of each scene.

You also have the option to update the colors video by video, just click on colors here and you can see, you can make updates to all the different parts of the logo scenes, the text scenes, and the video scenes.

Another note on the branding, if you want to set things at the account level, just click up in the settings and you have the chance to update your account branding for all future videos.

Finally another fun section for your video is updating your music.  We have a library of tracks that are already licensed. So you can browse our music library, or you can upload your own. This just lets you increase or decrease the volume of the music in your video.

Then you'll want to go back to the preview draft, watch it all the way through and it's time to publish. So when you click publish, this will send it to our side to render it and transcode it. And we'll send you an email when it's all done.

The main way to share your video is by embedding it on your website or your blog. So we provide ad-free video hosting  and a snippet of code that you can use to drop right into your blog or website.

You can also share your video's public page. So we provide a link that we'll have the transcript and the video, easy sharing with colleagues or prospects or customers.

You can download the HD video as well, which is a really important step for sharing on social media channels - that will allow it to auto-play in the feed.

You can view the transcript here as well. So one awesome thing we're seeing customers do is to use these videos to create blog series. So you can embed your video. You can copy and paste the transcript right in there. And with a few edits, you have some really compelling content.

Finally, if you need to make any changes to this video, you can rename it here. You can make a copy and see all the details as well, or you can delete it altogether.

So now let's take a quick look at what our customers are doing with these videos. So one of the primary ways we're seeing customers use Vocal Video is to embed these videos on their blogs or on websites.

Martha Stoumen Wines is showcasing their video testimonials on a community love page,  on their website.

The Product Marketing Community used Vocal Video to capture the insights from CMOs and VPs in their community to use at the time of the launch of their new website.

And this last example is from MyWorkChoice, which uses Vocal Video to create a stream of really compelling content on their blog.

We've also seen a ton of Vocal Video customers use their new testimonial videos in social media campaigns, whether they're organic or paid, email campaigns, sales outreach, online courses, the sky's  really the limit. We're so excited to see what you do with Vocal Video next.

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