Using the Vocal Video Editor

Check out this 7 minute video detailing everything you need to know about the Vocal Video Editor.

[00:00:00] Today we'll look at how you can use the Vocal Video Editor to customize, publish and share your video testimonials.

Once your subject has responded, we'll send you an email, and their video will automatically go into your Vocal Video account. You'll see it right when you log in. Let’s go ahead and take a look at this draft video.

The first thing that I like to do with any new response is take a look at the preview. We'll have automatically added the attribution you see here, subtitles, music and some animations.

Now we have the chance to actually go in and customize what Vocal Video has created for you. Over here on the right-hand side, we've got a bunch of different options.  The first one here to take a look at is the format. You can always choose to create different versions of your video into the different formats you might need to share on social media or put on your website.

You can also take a look at the [00:01:00] subtitles we've created for you. As you work, any changes you make will be updated on the left in the preview, and you can choose to turn off the subtitles altogether too.

You can update the thumbnail for your video - just select a video frame from the scenes that Vocal Video has provided. Or you can create a custom image and just load that. Be sure to take a look at adjusting to any of these filters that might make your video look even better.

Let's look at the scenes tab. This is the overall landscape of your video draft. We automatically add the logo scene here at the beginning and at the end. And that had the little animation that you saw. Each of your questions will turned into a text slide.

And then of course you have the videos. You can delete any of these scenes, duplicate them, edit the scene, settings [00:02:00] themselves and even preview them right here. Take a look at how you can trim these scenes. This can be really helpful in paring down your videos to a digestible format for your audience. If we click trim scene, you can see that you can easily drag and drop with the subtitles to choose the segment of the video.

You can convert a video scene to an audio scene and adjust the volume. This is particularly useful if you're adding in different speakers, they can have sometimes very different volume settings and the input of the video.

And in the advanced settings you can add some scene padding. This will just pause your video very briefly. It’s not so abrupt either at the beginning or at the end, you can so change the attribution here.

A good thing to look at are the colors. These will be all automatically set from what you have in your account settings, but you can [00:03:00] customize your videos one by one. So those logo scenes text scenes, video scenes, and thumbnail can all be adjusted here with the color.

I'll also point out that you can add different backgrounds for your texts.

Another thing you want to check is whether the logo you have is looking good to you. There's the main logo which appears on the logo page, the corner logo, you'll see in the top, right left and the wall, our mark here, which can be removed in all of our annual submission.

Let's take a look at the music. We have over 30 tracks of music automatically licensed here in our library that you can choose from. And we'll automatically suggest a soundtrack that you can decide if you like, choose another, or upload your own custom music. The soundtrack volume lets you adjust the volume in relation to the speaker.

Now it's time to take one last preview. See if [00:04:00] everything looks good and then go ahead and click publish your video. There are some choices to make here. We want to make sure that your external video title is looking good.

The internal title will only show within your Vocal Video account, and it’s useful to keep track of different versions of videos you might be publishing. The description will benefit your SEO. You can see that you can update the URL for the public page and decide on what visibility you want for this video, whether it's public, an unlisted video page, which will let you share that video but won't actually be indexed by search engines or a private video, which will be available to download.  Finally the audio settings. You can normalize the speech loudness. This is particularly useful if you have videos from different subjects in a highlight reel or compilation video that you've made.

Or you can choose to adjust the soundtrack dynamically. So this means that the music will fade in with the logo slides [00:05:00] and fade out when the subject is actually speaking.

So then you'll just go ahead and click publish video. And once your video has been rendered, you'll see that you have a bunch of different options to share this with the world. So you've got the public URL. Let's take a look at that. This is a webpage with its own unique link. These two logos would actually be your logo.

And you can see that you can play the video and read the transcript down here below.

The most common way folks share their videos is to embed them on their blogs or websites - learn how. So you can make some customizations to this embed code. Then you just grab that code and easily drop it into your blog or whatever. You have some tutorials and working with different content management systems.

And we do always like to remind you to tag us on any of your social channels or send us a note so that we can amplify your social.

You can also download your video to share on YouTube, Instagram, or other hosting providers like Wistia [00:06:00] and download the thumbnail images.

You can share with one click to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and that will create a thumbnail for the posts that you can then customize as well.

Let's take a look at how some real life Vocal Video customers are using their published videos. The first example is from Ada. They've actually embedded a highlight reel here on their customer page, combining it with some of their impressive metrics.

One of my favorite things I've seen lately is folks like Amplitude using Vocal Video to create customer award acceptance speeches. Each of these customer award winners submitted a Vocal Video acceptance speech that were then featured on their website here.

And we also have customers using us a lot for employee testimonials. Blueshift has a really great page here combining some of their team photos with their Vocal Videos.

Finally, the content is perfect for sharing on social media, both organic and paid. And you can see that here on LinkedIn as well. [00:07:00]

I hope that gives you a good sense of how to use the Vocal Video editor.  We're so excited to see what you create next.

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