4 Great Corporate Customer Testimonial Videos (And How You Can Get Similar Results)

Corporate customer testimonial videos can be costly. This article shows examples of high-quality videos created easily and affordably, plus, how you can make your own.

Customer testimonial videos are the ultimate in social proof for your brand. They showcase your own happy customers directly vouching for your products or services in a way that makes an emotional connection with potential customers. As a result, as a marketing tool, they have been known to improve conversions when used on websites and landing pages.

But, traditionally, these videos have been expensive and time-consuming to produce.

In this post, we’ll show you four high quality customer testimonial video examples collected in a cost-effective and efficient way using our video software platform, Vocal Video — without any professional video equipment, a camera crew, or a studio.

Specifically, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process we designed using over 10 years’ experience to collect customer testimonial videos remotely and effortlessly, and still have them look professional and on brand.

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The Traditional Challenges of Shooting Corporate Customer Testimonial Videos

Shooting customer testimonial videos or other video content used to be an expensive and time-consuming process involving:

  • Hiring a professional film crew or video production company, voiceover talent, and video editors.
  • Selecting a filming location.
  • Requesting your customer turn up on location in-person at a scheduled time.
  • Whole teams of people having to show up on location at the same time.

The way around these challenges (and the expense of them) is to use an innovative remote video capture system, like the one Vocal Video gives you, to record and collect high-quality videos.

You do this by simply sending a link out to your satisfied customer and getting them to record a testimonial video for you on their phone or laptop, whenever it’s convenient for them — no coordinating schedules or meeting “on-site” at a specific location is needed.

Four Examples of High-Quality Testimonial Videos to Attract Prospective Customers

For testimonial video ideas, and to show you the kind of great customer testimonial videos you can collect using Vocal Video, below are four high-quality examples collected by our own customers using the Vocal Video platform. We’ll also take a brief look at how each business owner has used this video content as part of their marketing strategy.

Note how all of these videos have the company’s branding and logos, the customer’s name, subtitles, text slide interstitials, and are edited to be concise and compelling.

All of these were shot on the customers’ own phones or laptops with only simple editing done by a marketer or business owner in Vocal Video, no professional video editing software required.

1. Seatrek: Employees Showcase a Small Business Using Vocal Video

The business owners of Seatrek, a paddleboard and kayaking business based in Sausalito, California have used Vocal Video to put together effective testimonials from their employees about the fitness services their business offers.

These videos, including the example above, build trust with new customers by using the real people and personalities behind the business as a marketing tool and to build trust with new customers.

2. LinkBuilder: A Customer Testimonial Video Used to Back Up a Case Study

The video testimonial in this example is used by LinkBuilder, a link building agency, to add color and further catch the viewer’s attention within a written case study.

The full responses given by the interviewee, including sharing the pain points he was going through that LinkBuilder helped solve, add a human touch to the whole case study. The target audience can more easily get an emotional connection with the information by viewing the video content.

This video content is far more impactful as social proof than a simple written testimonial.

3. Martha Stoumen Wines: Creating a Highlight Reel by Editing Together Several Customer Testimonials

Winery Martha Stoumen Wines, based out of California, uses Vocal Video to collect and record videos of happy customers who have positive experiences to share.

In the example above, the winery has used the Vocal Video highlight reel feature to bring together several testimonial videos of different target customers. This makes the testimonials all the more compelling because there are several different customers concentrated into a short video.

It’s a great video testimonial example that shows a variety of locations where videos can be recorded on the customers’ own devices — ranging from a home office, to outdoors, or even kicking back in the living room alongside a sleeping pet.

4. eQ Homes: Short Testimonial Video Packs in Dynamic and Compelling Content

Canadian home building company eQ Homes showcases several customer video testimonials on its website to provide genuine social proof of its services to prospective customers.

The personable interviewees in the video customer testimonial video shown above, with their relaxed and friendly approach to recording video content, are what make this such an effective testimonial.

Given how short it is, at just over 1 minute, it packs a powerful punch with each of the interviewees taking a turn to speak and even giving a mini tour of their home. It’s a great example of how a dynamic video, that is well organized and edited down for impact, can be a very useful marketing tool.

How to Use Vocal Video to Easily Create High Quality Customer Testimonial Videos

The examples above show how anyone can create effective corporate testimonial videos using the simple tools that Vocal Video offers and without hiring professionals and negotiating complex post-production processes.

For an in-depth look at how that’s done, take a look at our post on How to Create Remote Video Testimonials without Equipment, Scheduled Interviews or a Huge Budget.

But here’s a brief rundown of how it works:

The video collector is the step-by-step process that will walk the customer through recording a testimonial video.

Setting it up is really straightforward and works similarly to a software setup wizard. The steps take you through adding your branding and colors, and your logo...

… and writing your own interview questions (we also give you suggestions to make things even easier, but these can be fully customized).

Once you’ve set up the collector, you just copy an automatically-generated link and send it out to your happy customers.

#2: Get customers to record video testimonials on their own time and on their own device — with no need to install an app.

Once your customer receives the link, all they have to do is click on it. This takes them to a Vocal Video page where they can record the testimonial using the camera on their own device.

The video collector you created takes them through a step-by-step recording process that starts by giving your interviewee each question you wrote one at a time.

They simply record video or audio to answer each question and can review their footage when they are done (and have a chance to re-record if they want to improve it).

Example questions: "Why are testimonial videos important to your business?" and "Introduce yourself, tell us why you purchased the product, and describe what you like about it."

#3: Receive a pre-edited version of the testimonial video.

The video you get back from your customer automatically includes the branding that you set when you built the video collector. Each question you asked is also presented on a slide inserted between the answers your interviewee gives…

… and you also get text overlays including the name and title of the interviewee, rights-free background music from the Vocal Video music library, and automatically-generated captions and a transcript, as you can see in the example above.

So, your video comes ready-to-use from your customer, but you can also make your own changes.

#4: Edit for impact.

Vocal Video also comes with a simple-to-use suite of editing tools designed for anyone to use (even those without any expertise at all).

  • Trim dead air time and pauses included in the video — by using a simple slide system — to make the content snappier and more compelling.
Trim Video Scene: Trim your video scene by editing the start and stop points of this video clip.
  • Change the order of scenes in the video by dragging and dropping them into place and replace background music for another track, as well as increasing and decreasing the volume wherever appropriate.
Easily add a music soundtrack to your testimonials with Vocal Video

#5: Share your testimonial video on a variety of platforms.

Because Vocal Video is web based, you can host it directly on our platform or get an embed link to put it on your website, landing pages, include it in emails, put it on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or use it in any other marketing campaigns.

You never have to download, reformat, compress, or upload the videos (although you can opt to download them, if you need to).

Our video collection process is made even easier if you use one of our 45 testimonial video templates, which give you everything you need to ask for, collect, record, and edit high-quality testimonial videos. Including a suggested three-step email sequence (that can be customized) to ask for video testimonials or online reviews (along with follow up messages) in a way that is proven to increase response rates.

Vocal Video: Designed to Allow Everyone to Create High Quality Corporate Testimonial Videos

Vocal Video’s high quality video collection, recording, editing, and hosting platform is specifically designed to allow anyone to record great video testimonials for video marketing purposes.

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