Why we killed our monthly subscriptions

We have five options you can choose and compare on the Vocal Video pricing page. Free, Solo, Team, Pro, and Enterprise. If you knew us back in the day, you'd remember that we used to have more monthly plans. Why did we kill the monthly plan?

It’s a process, not a project.

The traditional processes for creating video testimonials, employee videos, or any kind of UGC (‘user generated content’) videos are very expensive and time-consuming. This makes them hard to do, and therefore scarce.

So, most organizations still think of video testimonials as a project to be checked off the list – get a few videos and you’re done, or at best you plan to do them as an annual project. Anything more would be prohibitively expensive, or distract from other priorities.

Vocal Video removes this scarcity.

With Vocal Video, you can collect an unlimited number of responses from your customers, clients, employees, executives, thought leaders in your industry - anyone can be your subject. Each of these responses is automatically turned into a professional-looking video ready for you to do some quick edits on or publish as-is.

This means that, rather than being a painful project you wouldn’t want to do more than a couple times a year, creating authentic videos can now be a low-effort, high-ROI part of your ongoing marketing processes. You can even automate requesting responses (say via a post-transaction email sent by marketing automation), creating an automated flow of ready-to-publish videos.

We think this is the future of video marketing, and annual subscriptions encourage this thinking. That’s why we've chosen to make it affordable to go annual, and gotten rid of all those monthly plans.

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Annual customers get stronger ROI

Rather than focusing on getting a few videos and checking the project off a to-do list, our annual customers are able publish a steady stream of user-generated videos throughout the year with minimal additional effort.

They often start with one use case, such as customer testimonial videos, and incorporate others like employee testimonials, executive/founder stories, or interviews with experts in their industry. They also duplicate and remix their videos to create effective video ads for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Rather than downloading their videos out of Vocal Video and paying for a separate video hosting service (or accepting Youtube putting ads on their videos), they use our included video hosting & embedding at no additional cost.

Our annual customers also never have to deal with video testimonials getting stale – they can always publish and feature fresh customer stories on their site and in social media. Plus, as time goes by and more great testimonials come in, they can create ever-improving highlight reel videos with key quotes from their happiest customers.

Our annual customers are also more likely to get SEO benefits by making Vocal Video part of their content marketing strategy. When you have fresh videos each month, you have a steady stream of engaging blog posts – simply embed the video and copy & paste the autogenerated transcript we provide, which is full of keyword-rich unique content.

All these things can be done with a monthly subscription, but in our experience, annual subscribers are more likely to think of video as a strategic asset for their business, so we’ve decided to encourage it.

If you're not ready to commit, you can choose our Free plan, and go annual anytime.

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