Product Update: External Uploads & Faster Video Creation

We've been hard at work on improvements to make creating videos in Vocal Video faster and more flexible. Here are the highlights of our v30 release.

Video Uploads

We've heard from many customers that they want to incorporate external video clips into their videos. Some of the most frequent reasons we've heard:

  • You have video testimonials that you collected before you knew about Vocal Video, and you want to combine them with your Vocal Video responses.
  • You want to record video clips at a live event or with a professional videographer, but you want to easily edit, publish, and share them via Vocal Video.
  • You want to incorporate b-roll or other footage in your testimonial videos to provide visual variety.
  • You have a custom logo animation that you want to use instead of our automatic logo animations.

Well, we listened!  Now you can upload video clips and easily add them to your Vocal videos. Read the full article for all the details.

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Find & Add Video & Audio Scenes Faster

We've redesigned the experience for adding Video & Audio scenes to your drafts, making it much faster to build videos featuring multiple respondents. Some notable improvements:

  • Improved search: search by respondent Name, Title, Collector, even words they spoke in their responses!
  • Filter responses by Collector
  • Sort by date or alphabetically
  • Add multiple clips at once, without having to navigate to the right response over and over

Copy Scenes From Other Videos – Including Trims & Subtitles

Now you can easily pull together your favorite scenes from different videos without redoing any of the edits or customizations you've made to those scenes.

This feature is particularly useful if you've got some favorite scenes that you'd like to reuse in a highlight reel. Or if you've got a favorite quote from a longer video that you want to publish in a short standalone video for social media.

Another way this feature saves time is if you've got text or logo scenes with customized content or backgrounds that you want to use across multiple videos.

When you copy a video or audio scene, any trimming you've done is preserved, as are any fixes you've made to the subtitles, filters you've applied, alignment settings, etc.

Here's how it works:

  • Click Add Scene -> Copy a Scene
  • Click on the video you want to copy scenes from
  • Click Add to Video on the scenes you want to copy

Create a New Draft Video From an Individual Clip

One way to get lasting value out of Vocal Video is to get mileage out of your best responses. You do this by not just publishing each individual response (where someone may have answered up to 5 questions), but by picking out the best quotes and publishing highlight reels, and also publishing the best individual video clips as standalone videos.

This is a great way to sprinkle your best customer quotes throughout your website and landing pages, and it's an especially good way to create a steady drip of relevant content for social media.

Now, it's faster than ever to do just that. Simply find your favorite responses in your response library (or your favorite uploaded video clips) and click the + button next to a video clip.

You can decide whether the draft video should have intro/outro logo scenes, and also whether to include a text scene showing the question the respondent is answering. From there, you can edit your new video to your heart's content, or just publish it right away!

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