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Get an 8 minute demo of Vocal Video, and see the full process of how you can collect, edit, publish, and share video testimonials with Vocal Video.

[00:00:00] I'm going to give you a demo of how you can collect, edit, publish, and share video testimonials with Vocal Video.

The first thing you'll want to do is create a Vocal Video Collector. We’ll just click new collector. That's going to take us to this library of templates that you can browse and preview. Then we'll get started with a customer testimonials video.

You'll see that Vocal Video has built you a checklist of items to make sure that everything looks customized and appropriate for your subjects. We'll just go ahead and take a look at the branding, make sure that our logo and colors are on point. I'll just quickly point out that you can actually use our color picker to find your own brand colors.

If you don't have them handy and all of those can be set at a global level up here in the account settings. On [00:01:00] the welcome page. You can customize the title that shows up over here on the right, the spokesperson. That welcome message. You can add a welcome video. I usually recommend that these are no more than 15 or 20 seconds. You want to keep those short and sweet and you can add your own incentives here. Quick note and on the incentives, we really do see these boost response rates.

And if you want to automate the fulfillment, you can do that with our Zapier integration. Finally, this is just the contact email. That'll show up over here. Here are the suggested questions from our template.  You can see that you can add up to five questions  and you could also read some tips and tricks here about your particular questions.

On the attribution page we do require that your subjects fill out their name and email so that we can always take down a video if they ask us to. Optionally, you can ask for job title and company name. With our professional and enterprise additions you can also add your own custom video waiver for [00:02:00] here for folks to agree to. On the thank you page, you can customize the text over here and with our professional and enterprise additions, you can remove this Vocal Video call out if you’d like.

Let's get into collecting responses. Let's go ahead and test this collector. This is the experience your subject would have if they were on desktop. You can see that they can choose whether to have a view of your response. And then they'll just record their video. And when they're done, they'll have the option to rerecord or go on to the next question.

Finally, we'll just look at the more settings here. You can see that you can turn off that option to accept audio responses. And if you do have customers that are responding in any of these languages, we can automatically transcribe the subtitles into any of the languages here.

Now we're all set. We've tested it out on ourselves. We're ready to get the responses. You just go ahead and grab this link. The most popular way would be to drop it [00:03:00] into an email, to a subject. We also see folks share this on social media or put it on a landing page. And if you're using any of your marketing automation systems, you can customize the link so that the information like name and email will automatically be put into attribution page.

Finally, you can take a look at our sample invitation messages and this is email copy that you can just grab and customize for your subjects.

Now onto the exciting part. We've sent out our collector. The  subject has responded and we've gotten a notice from Vocal Video that it's time to review that draft video. Just click on this draft video, and that will take you to the Vocal Video Editor. This is where you're going to be able to preview exactly what Vocal Video has put together for you, with the music, graphics and subtitles, make any tweaks you want, and then actually publish the video. The first thing I like to do is actually preview the video, see how things came out [00:04:00] and then take a look at the scenes here.

You can see that you can adjust the format to any of these options. You'll be able to pick out different colors for these text pages and the logo pages.

You can update the logos that appear the main logo on the logo page. The corner logo and with any of our team or professional or enterprise additions, remove the watermark there.

It's important to take a look at the subtitles. If you look at the preview here, you can make any changes that will appear over on the left-hand side, or you can turn off the subtitles altogether.

This is where you can adjust the music. We’ll have automatically applied a track. You can upload your own custom music, or you can choose one of our 32 licensed tracks.

You want to make sure that you have a good thumbnail for your video, and you can do that by uploading a custom image or by selection  one of the frames that [00:05:00] we've provided here.

Also important to note that you can trim your video scenes. This is great for picking out the segment of a response to highlight, and you can always add additional video scenes. These could be responses from anyone who's answered a Vocal Video collector. This can be really cool to create highlight reels or compilation videos. And you can also add additional text or logo scenes.

We'd preview that one last time and we're ready to publish our video. A couple of options to go over here can change that internal and external title. Add some descriptive copy for SEO. Update your videos, pages URL and you can also choose what visibility settings you want for that video page.

A public page that's indexed by Google an unlisted page where you can share the link, but no one will be able to find it and a private video where you'll be able to download the video, but not be able to share a link to the video page. [00:06:00] Your last publishing option is the audio.

You can choose to normalize the speech loudness is particularly useful. If you have multiple subjects in your video or adjust the soundtrack dynamically, which will let the music fade in during your logo in tech scenes and fade out when the speaker is talking.

Then click publish that video.  And now we get to the sharing process. Each of your public and unlisted pages will have its own unique URL that you can share.  This would have your accounts logos here and the transcript below.

You can also see that you can get some custom embed code to drop into your blog or website. And we do always like to remind you that you can tag us on any of your social channels or send us a note and we'll amplify that.

You also have the instructions on downloading your video to share to YouTube, Instagram, or Wistia, and one click sharing to Twitter, Facebook [00:07:00] and LinkedIn.

Finally, I'll give you a couple of quick examples of how Vocal Video customers are using this out in the world. This is Ada's product page. They’ve got a compilation video from a couple of their customers here, embedded on the left and then some nice quantitative data they've pulled on the right.

Amplitude used us to collect video acceptance speeches from all of their customer award winners, which really personalizes the stories of each of their customers. Blue shift did a really nice job mixing up the video testimonials from their employees, along with some of these nice group shots.

It's easy to get this content onto Facebook. This is an ad from Hunterz.io.  And you can see on this LinkedIn post that Google is using a video from one of their speakers at the Google cloud summit to promote their event.

I really hope you enjoyed that quick demo. And please let us know if you have any questions on any aspect of using Vocal Video, whether it's the collection editing, publishing, or sharing. [00:08:00]

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