The Global Solutions Diary - a community-generated library of climate change solution stories

The Global Solutions Diary, presented by Project Drawdown, is a community-generated library of climate change solutions stories, inviting everyday people to join the conversation on solutions. ?

We want YOU to use your phone, webcam, or other recording device to respond to one OR both of the following questions:

1) How (and why) are you taking action on climate change solutions in, for, and with your community?

2) Who or what inspires/inspired you to care about climate change and climate solutions?

Follow a few short steps to submit your story and, if featured, inspire others to talk about climate change, share their own stories, and get involved in solutions. ⚡️

How it Works
Tell your story by recording short video clips here. Nothing to download or install.
3 submissions will be selected in 2024 to receive a copy of the book Drawdown. Details.
You get a chance to win $100