Zach Windahl Testimonial

June 09, 2021

Zach Windahl, author of The Bible Study, and founder of The Brand Sunday, describes how ACTIV has helped his ecommerce brand become profitable and 10x in revenue.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Zach, CEO and Author, The Brand Sunday

Before ACTIV, what was your biggest struggle in your business?

Zach: Yeah. So what was our biggest struggle before hiring ACTIV? What wasn't our biggest struggle? No, those guys are amazing. I would say our biggest struggle before hiring ACTIV was managing our ad traffic. I think so often we want to save a little bit of money, so we do it ourselves or we hire somebody that is in super knowledgeable in the industry and it never goes to the level that you wanted to. So I had hit that glass ceiling doing it myself and by bringing them on, we brought in more people to our website, more people to see our products and more people to buy those products, not just by them by them profitably. And so, um, taking our biggest struggle of not being able to get people to our website and buy our products to having a huge number of people come to our website and buy our products was definitely the biggest thing.

How has ACTIV helped your company grow?

Zach: So how has active helped us grow? Well, I mean, we've gone about 10X revenue what we were doing before I hired them on to what we are doing now. And so that number alone is something to be amazed at other ways that they've helped us a bunch are through, um, copy when it comes to email campaigns, as well as Web support, a lot of things that have allowed me to adjust my time, um, to developing new products that also bring our company to another level.

Would you recommend ACTIV as an ecommerce growth partner?

Zach: So I would definitely recommend ACTIV as an e commerce growth partner because they just get it. They know the industry, they know how things work. And so if you have the right product, they can also help you scale to levels that you aren't able to do on your own.

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