Yes Prep Possip Academy

October 25, 2022

Video Transcript

How are your peers leading and making decisions using the routine flow of family, staff and student feedback?

Barb Campbell from Yes Prep Public Schools shares her experience.

But we have a director's team so that does have the leader of all the various departments and they're then responsible for ensuring its triaged appropriately and whether a teacher needs to follow up or a dean of instruction or who's the appropriate person, um to to build that connection with the parent to follow up on that feedback. We also this first time doing it system wide and launching strategically placed it right at the end of our first quarter so that the step back meeting that is happening to look at all of the data will coincide. So we're considering our family's voices, our family, the lens of our families and the experience they've had thus far as we review. How are things going and what do we need to set forth as goals for our next next quarter.

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