Digital marketing and dental website design for Allsopp Dental Practice

September 13, 2021

Jonathan Allsopp, Principal Dentist and Specialist Orthodontist at Allsopp Dental Practice, talks about how Xcelerator Dental have help with his dental practice website, SEO and digital marketing.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jonathan Allsopp, Principal Dentist and Specialist Orthodontist, Allsopp Dental Practice

Out of 10 stars, how would you rate Xcelerator Dental?

Jonathan Allsopp: 10 No question. Um, that's an outrageous, uh, score and claim, but I'll explain why in the subsequent in the subsequent bits.

How would you describe Xcelerator Dental in three words?

Jonathan Allsopp: It's the perfect scenario for me. I'm busy. I haven't got time to be dealing with other issues. He's a one stop shop. Whatever you need to get a great outcome. That's it. He'll do it. One stop shop.

Can you give some metrics to show the impact Xcelerator Dental has had?

Jonathan Allsopp: growth that David's contributed to? Well, pre David, we were averaging about 10 dental implants a month. Something like that. Ups and downs. But if I've just averaged out the numbers, it's about 10. Where are we at now? We're at 25 a month and David's been on board for the best part of the year, so it's a pretty solid number, so that's a pretty dramatic Increase, you know, 15 implants per month. And that contributed to last month was the largest month ever for both dental practices. So David's backup is giving us solidity to that growth. Um, very exciting.

Could you describe your experience working with Xcelerator Dental?

Jonathan Allsopp: What's it like working with David? It's just easy. It's, uh, he's doing the important stuff and he's backing you up often. What people do. They get to give you a list of stuff and go, Oh, do this. This and this and and it creates a huge amount of work for the practise. But what David does is he's very supportive and he's doing a lot of the back room stuff himself, Um, including things like website optimisation or Google optimisation stuff that gets left by other providers. He's doing all of that, so he makes it easy. Uh, and you know, our sites by all the metrics are performing very well because of that, that support by David. So, like I said with the one stop shop comment, it's just easy

What has been the most significant impact of working with Xcelerator Dental?

Jonathan Allsopp: We're working towards financial security. As a specialist orthodontist as well as a 25 year implant provider the NHS is a very difficult place, currently, and I'm sure set to become more so. So what David's helping us do is provide a platform of financial security. And we're working very positively towards that. I don't think it gets much more significant than that, does it?

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