Digital marketing and dental website design for Lotus Dental Clinic

October 21, 2021

Dr Mickey Frankl, Principal Dentist at Lotus Dental Clinic, talks about how Xcelerator Dental have help with his dental practice website, SEO and digital marketing.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr Mickey Frankl, Principal Dentist , Lotus Dental Clinic

Out of 10 stars, how would you rate Xcelerator Dental?

Dr Mickey Frankl: Hi, I'm Dr Frankl, dentist of the Lotus Clinic in London just giving a testimonial review for Xcelerator Dental Marketing Company who have done an amazing job helping us improve our business, and out of 10 stars I basically give them an exaggerated 10 stars.

Can you give some metrics to show the impact Xcelerator Dental has had?

Dr Mickey Frankl: To give you some metrics to measure the impact of Xcelerator Dental Marketing had on our business; We've grown in the last year by a large percentage. I think we checked recently and in the month of May 2021 we had growth of 44% compared to the last six months beforehand, and since then it's improved even more, so we're actually getting a very good improvement to our business, thanks mainly to Xcelerator.

Could you describe your experience working with Xcelerator Dental?

Dr Mickey Frankl: So our experience working with David and his team at Xcelerator has been amazing. We started working with him about a year ago, just under a year. They actually designed our new website, which is totally different to what we had before. So much more efficient, more user friendly, more active so patients can communicate with us much better. It records patients information and helps much better. The team have built our website. They taught us some systems to use. They've trained our staff. David does regular meeting with me and my staff to try and train us and improve our performance. And they actually hold your hand and move and help you, along the way and the results show because we've got some amazing results. Our growth from last year has been phenomenal. I'm really happy, and I would highly recommend David and the Xcelerator team. from my experience

What has been the most significant impact of working with Xcelerator Dental?

Dr Mickey Frankl: So the most significant impact of working with Xcelerator is our website is now much more interactive. It's got links to Smilemate, so you can send your photos in and get the report and helps marketing. It's got a lot of other features which you'll need to speak to David about because it's taking too long to explain. But the website is unbelievable. The training of our company is really helpful. David is always approachable if you text, if you text them in the weekend or at night or phone them his team, they are always responsive and helpful. And I really feel that I'm in good hands. And I highly recommend David and Xcelerator Marketing team, very highly recommended.

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