Neil Adams for Customer Testimonial Videos

November 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Neil Adams, Managing Director, Promar International

What was the reason you needed Frankie's help e.g. "My team needed to improve how they came across to customers."

Neil Adams: The first goal of our business is to inspire our customers. Uh, and I really wanted to kill off the boring PowerPoint slides. So really, what we were trying to achieve was to make the interactions with our customers more human, more engaging and certainly more memorable.

How would you describe the experience of working with Frankie?

Neil Adams: um, working with Frankie is great fun. Uh, not in a frivolous way, Uh, but in a way that really supports people's learning, which is great. Um, I also like the fact that, uh, we we've put a lot of teams through her courses, but she always makes it very personal. So every team participant gets that meaningful 1 to 1 support. Um, And I think the other thing is that what Frankie teaches you is memorable. It is something that will stick with you, and you can keep using practically every week.

What is something about working with Frankie that makes the experience unique?

Neil Adams: I think what makes Frankie unique is her background in the performing arts, and I think the tools and tricks that they use in that trade, um very, very helpful when you're coming to working with customers and trying to persuade audiences.

What outcomes did you or your team(s) achieve?

Neil Adams: I think the outcomes for my team are that, um, putting together presentations always to fill people with dread. But now they find it easier. They can do it more quickly, and it has more impact with customers. Fundamentally, people are much more confident, uh, at putting together presentations.

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