January 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Todd DeMarco, CEO | Prodigy Resources

What was your experience working with Ayman?

Todd DeMarco: So I would say in terms of my experience of working with Ayman, he's super professional. He's a positive, very positive guy and he's got a lot of energy. He brings all that to the table daily, which is great and I think it's contagious when it comes to his team, I know they loved working with him. He builds them up, he creates a cohesion and he isn't afraid to get in there and do it himself to show the team best practices versus simply telling them what, what to do. He prefers to coach as opposed to being like a, I guess, like a quote unquote uh CRM jockey. And, you know, this is a refreshing change from what I've seen in the past with other sales managers in terms of him reporting to me, he's definitely very good at managing up. He involves me in the the decisions that I need to be involved in. But he also takes initiative to come up with the solutions on more minor issues that come up that he's able to take care of himself. He values the time of others not just his own, which is, which is awesome. And, you know, he, he's a good guy, he's a good guy just in general.

What stood out to you about Ayman's sales leadership style?

Todd DeMarco: He'll pick up the phone right there and make a cold call in front of his whole entire team, on the drop of a dime, which I thought was awesome. He gets in there and, actually acts as the salesperson during role plays, handling objections and stuff like that. And I think it really creates, that leadership style of like where I'm not sitting in the Ivory Tower looking down and telling you, you know, what to do. But more I'm in there with you in the trenches and we're figuring it out together. So, because he had a pretty new team to sales when he was here and he did a great job at teaching them the fundamentals. The key in that activity is what produces results and getting them all kind of going in the same direction which I've seen other sales managers have challenges.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Todd DeMarco: Some other things I'd like to share about Ayman is, I'd like to say he has a high EQ and he's able to leverage data in a way that helps motivate his team to hit the phones and work together and basically devise new creative ways to sell. He keeps an eye on conversions, which I think is super cool, very important, right? Working efficiently and he publicly praises his team members and creates a sales environment that's safe. And when I say that, I mean, his team feels comfortable failing in front of other team members providing constructive feedback to each other. And basically, they get competitive with each other, which is great. And he actually allows his own, you know, the call he makes to be critiqued by his team as well. And he makes sure everyone's together, so everyone benefits and learns from both, challenges and successes. So in sum I highly recommend Ayman I think he's a good guy You can trust him and definitely super professional and someone that you can definitely put in front of clients. So, yep, thank you very much. Good luck. You'll be lucky if you get him. Bye.

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