World Health Organization Video Testimonials

August 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin Crampton

What experience with the pandemic do you believe should be addressed at the international level?

Testing testing 123, testing 1, 2 3 Test of vocal video looks like the video set of five minutes total duration. Didn't need to sign up, came straight into this link and providing a video here be really good if this turns out to be a viable solution. And as you see, as I think Yan said in our last meeting, we need to sign up process probably on a online form based on w h o side that would then release this link somehow. Um, yeah, I'm not sure how we would integrate those two, but anything that gives us an out of the box kind of video recording service with some metadata along with it would be, would be spot on, particularly given the tight time scales for this bit of work stopping their testing. Testing 123 that's coming up on 55 seconds in 321 mark

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