Lindsie Almquist: Plumbing Apprenticeship Program Spotlight

August 29, 2023

Dr. Lindsie Almquist, Chief Culture Officer with Coppera Plumbing & Commercial Services, shares info on the plumbing apprenticeship program available now at Coppera and S&D Plumbing.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lindsie Almquist, Chief Culture Officer, Coppera

Tell me about your company?

Lindsie Almquist: Coppera Commercial Plumbing Company and S&D Residential Plumbing Company are both housed in Texas, located in Taylor, Texas, northeast of Austin. And we have four locations for both companies in this great state of Texas. We really are about serving our clients and customers and making sure the needs are met so that not only do we provide the best customer service but that we're a family full of values here in our companies and we want our residents and our commercial partners to really understand that we are a partner in this business and we're here to serve them. We hope that you consider joining one of our teams.

What does the company do?

Lindsie Almquist: Coppera Commercial Plumbing, we service lots of different commercial partners in the great state of Texas. So we do lots of different things from rough-ins, uh, to different parts of commercial businesses. And then with our residential company S&D we do completely homes and, um, making sure that residents are taken care of in their plumbing needs.

What is your company culture like?

Lindsie Almquist: Our companies both have the values of family customer service, working hard, having a great work ethic and making sure that we serve our clients. Well.

What open positions are you hiring for?

Lindsie Almquist: We have several different positions open for our Department of Labor Approved Apprentice program. We are looking specifically for apprentices, which are you're 1,2,3 and four before they're journeymen. And we are looking to let them be a part of our four year Department of Labor Approved Apprentice program where it's twice a week. Um, in the evenings going to learning and giving their journeymen through the learning that we provide. It's PHCC curriculum. Department of Labor approved curriculum. And then, uh, they would work their 40 hours with the company. And so, uh, the 40 hours of your normal day as a plumber in the apprentice um program and then additional two nights a week at the minimum for our apprentice program in terms of the Department of Labor program. So we really would love you to be considered for that. We also have other positions available both for S&D, um, and for Coppera. And you can find those at their websites and, or on Indeed.

What types of professional training and growth opportunities do you offer?

Lindsie Almquist: Both companies do a weekly training during their weekly meetings at the locations. And then we also do different types of like OSHA training. Um, we make sure that all of the different required trainings for our plumbers and our staff are are up to date. And then with our specific Department of Labor approved program, uh, that is a four year program and it is, um, based into four different quarters for each year. So we will start that in October and we're really looking forward to having our new set of apprentice.

What makes your company a great place to work?

Lindsie Almquist: I think the greatest thing about these companies is they invest in the people that work here. And I say that, um, for not only myself but for what I see and have seen in a part of these companies, uh, they really care about their employees and they want the best for them. And that is such a great place to work.

What type of job candidate would be a great fit with your organization?

Lindsie Almquist: The best type of candidate for our business is somebody that's hungry to work hard, someone that's smart and, and when we don't know something, we are not hesitant to try to figure it out. That's what really smart people do. We figure out hard things. And when we say hungry, humble, we also say that smart. And so the last one is humble and humble means that we can make a mistake and we can admit to it and we can learn from it and we can grow. We would love to hire hungry, humble and smart employees and we continue to do that with great success. We hope that you are considering this and if that is your fit that you, um, consider being a part of our company.

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