Stephanie Mora WSRCA Employee Spotlight

April 07, 2023

We are driven to empower Central Texas employers & residents to fuel the economic growth & family self-sufficiency of our communities. Meet our Partnership Specialist, Stephanie Mora.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephanie C Mora, Partnerships Specialist

How did you find your way to your current role at Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area?

Stephanie C Mora: I started my way of being a partnership specialist within the Board of Port Solutions, rural capital area from being a W I O A youth case manager. When I was a case manager, I served job seekers and I saw that job seekers have barriers to employment. May it be upskilling, having training, child care and so on. And at that time, I have connected with employers and I saw that employers don't necessarily know that job seekers experience barriers to employers to employment rather. And so as a partnership specialist, I want to be that bridge between job seekers and employers in a manner of establishing registered apprenticeship program.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area?

Stephanie C Mora: My favorite part of my current role is establishing networks. Each person that we meet can contribute information and resources that is vital to our success, especially in establishing registered apprenticeship program. I need to partner with training institutions, nonprofit organizations and employers. So by establishing networks every day, I enjoy creating those connections because I know that each person I meet will help me succeed with my role at workforce solutions, rural capital area.

What stands out to you about the culture at Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area?

Stephanie C Mora: The one thing that stands out to me about the culture here at Workforce solutions, rural capital area is that we go above and beyond serving our customers. Our first customers are our coworkers. I see that my coworkers are team players going above and beyond helping a coworker with their role such as teaming up on a new project, brainstorming of solutions to a project. And so serving our coworkers, it's a very good culture to share with because it reflects outward by going above and beyond within our customers inside. It reflects to going above and beyond to our customers outside such as job seekers and employers. I could tell you everybody here goes above and beyond.

What is a goal you are working to achieve?

Stephanie C Mora: My goal that I'm working to achieve is to build that awareness of apprenticeship program within our business community. I learned from an experienced employer that the return of investment utilizing apprenticeship program, it's a skilled workforce. You can hire a person without any experience. Give them the opportunity to grow through training, give them resources to gain knowledge and skills mentorship. And so you'll get a loyal skilled workforce. I also want to build that same awareness within our job seeker community, letting them know that even without any experience, they can grow within a company, having a mentor to coach them, they can grow because they will gain knowledge and skills to do their job and their return of investment, a long term fulfilling career. And so I urge you to help me build this awareness. Like I said, each person that I meet can help me succeed with your experience, knowledge and resources that you have.

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