Kristin Wise WSRCA Employee Spotlight

April 07, 2023

We are driven to empower Central Texas employers & residents to fuel the economic growth & family self-sufficiency of our communities. Meet our Child Care Services Multimedia Specialist, Kristin Wise.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kristin Wise, Multimedia Specialist

How did you find your way to your current role at Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area?

Kristin Wise: Hi, my name is Kristen Wise and I'm the multimedia specialist at Baker Ripley in workforce rural capital area. And the reason why I came to work here is because I really enjoy being able to work with people with my previous careers in marketing and advertising. What I really like to focus on is to promote the services and products. I think that would really benefit people's lives and improve their life and their quality of life overall. I thought it was really beneficial to be able to communicate and educate people about something that would really make their lives easier and further on in my career, I wanted to be able to make that connection a little deeper and being able to really have that, you know, connection with people through, you know, a, a deeper reason and cause. So that's why I came to Workforce solutions capital area. I wanted to be able to educate people and help them understand that the child care services team here are here to help them in being able to get them what they need no matter, you know, their situation with getting child care. It's important for people to know that child care is essential and it's something that everybody needs with their families. And I believe that having, you know, that support through the state agency is important for people to understand that they are here to support you through, you know, your times of need. And I wanna be able to show people that it's ok to be able to come here and get help when you're seeking assistance and further helping people understand that child care is something that sets a foundation for our communities. And I want to be able to educate those communities that you know, child care is the building blocks of how a community is formed and how to make a community not only great for families but great for the Children that are gonna be the future of those communities.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area?

Kristin Wise: My favorite part of my role is being able to gather information and being able to go out and be able to talk with people about how, you know, they're making a difference in our communities through child care and really understand where they're coming from and what exactly is, you know, what's going on, why, what their story is and being able to really help tell that story through my writing and educating people. It's great to be able to see their point of view and know why, you know, they're from their perspective, you know, how they see things and being able to bring that into the story and pretty much show the community about what's going on, you know, within their cities and make sure that they're educated and aware about people not like in child care or providers or, you know, parents needing assistance with child care, how, you know, to normalize that and make sure that people understand that child care services is really here to help build up the community and bring value to people's lives. I also enjoy, you know, working with the team here and one of my favorite aspects of that is to be able to really help with building my team up and educating each other. You know, you learn everything from each other and get a good understanding of, you know, how things flow. And it's great to make that connection with your fellow um associates and know that you have information from them and, and you, and it makes you better as a team, be able to work together, you know, through that and sharing your experiences and being able to share knowledge that makes your team stronger.

What stands out to you about the culture at Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area?

Kristin Wise: What really stands out to me is that everybody is willing to help each other. And it's such a transparent environment where everybody can, you know, ask questions and be able to really connect with, you know, their fellow coworkers. And I really enjoy that. It's great to be able to feel like it's not just a workplace, it's your own social community within, you know, your role. It's great to have, you know, that respect and understanding about we're working as a team, we're all working towards the same goal and that we all have different attributes within our roles to make that happen.

What is a goal you are working to achieve?

Kristin Wise: So the goals I'm really working to achieve is to really educate the public about child care services and really help people get them to a better place of, you know, how they want to improve, for being able to get child care, you know, for their Children or being able to get job training or being able to go back to school so they can pursue a better career. You know, I wanna be able to educate the community about child care services and show people that this is a resource for the public and they should know that it's something that they, they need to use if they really need it, it's important for people to understand that child care services is there for them. And, you know, we're just waiting for the call and for them to really know that we're here to support them in their communities.

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