Every Woman Gathering 2023

September 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. I am Martina from Celtic Heart and Soul. And it is an absolute pleasure to be one of the facilitators at the every woman gathering retreat in October. And so being asked to share a little introduction and a few things with you today. So, first of all, uh as I said, I am Martina and uh my creation and my, my business is Celtic Heart and Soul and you may notice that I do have a bit of an accent. So uh I am originally Irish and uh I've been living in Australia for almost 27 years. So it's not very strong. Uh I discovered about 10 years ago that uh this was my path. I was on the spiritual path already for at least 10 years before that. And uh two years ago, I got a very, very gentle or not so gentle push into my work as a healer and as an essential guide, I work in the AKASHIC records. I do AKASHIC record readings and I also do uh live activations, which is what I'm going to be sharing with you on um the retreat. So what to expect, expect the unexpected anything can happen. It is all going to be channeled direct from source on the day. So it will be very, very specific to the energy of the group. My intention is to activate your beautiful divine womb space and to connect you to your power and your intuition in a whole new way and to clear any trauma, clear anything in your room, um you know, from past relationships and from, from anything that um you know, may need clearing as well. So, uh in part of that, um what I love is uh also connecting um the womb to the throat because um the womb is our creative center and how we express that is through the throat chakra. So I will also be doing a clearing in the throat chakra and then um connecting those so that you are free to express yourself more authentically and uh really, you know, diving into the true essence of who you are and speaking your truth and it's not easy to do, believe me. So, uh I just felt like it really aligned with the theme of this retreat, which is celebrating differences. And uh I um know that many of us on our, on our, you know, path, uh We compare ourselves to others and we often feel not good enough or we feel that we are unworthy and uh that other people are better or prettier or more intelligent or whatever it may be. But you know what you have been sent to this earth to shine your unique soul signature frequency onto this planet and um to do that just be you. So uh part of my work is really shedding all those layers that are not you and helping you discover the real you, the really powerful, amazing human that you are, that is so divine, so full of love within you. So uh I really do hope that you will join me uh in this activation. I think we will be very potent and um my activations can be very powerful. So I just, yeah, uh make sure I will uh share with you some protocols uh for self-care as well at the time. So uh I do feel very honored to be a part of this gathering. Uh I love working with men and women, but um this one particularly called to me because uh it, it really is a celebration of, of us. So I do hope to meet you all and I can't wait to uh connect with you in October. Much love. Bye for now.

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