Bex Smith for Every Woman Gathering 2023

September 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bex Smith, Bex Smith Cheerleader for Change

Bex Smith: Hi and welcome everyone. I'm Bex Smith and I'm actually the president of the Women's well-being Association at the moment, but I'm also known as BeX Smith Cheerleader for Change. And I wear many hats including speaker trainer, body psychotherapist, counselor, mental health well-being ambassador, and also a change consultant. So I am on a mission to empower ambitious women, helping them unleash their inner cheerleader and triumph over last little twists and turns all while having a blast. And at this year's gathering, I'm going to be drawing from my inspiration of nature um and introducing my emotional change model called the Art of Yin. Now it's a fusion of body awareness, emotional intelligence and it's designed to immerse you in an experiential journey through the wild waves of your emotion. So get ready to embrace your inner cheerleader and her unshakeable optimism whilst winking at your pessimistic bitchy self. And let me help guide you to ride those emotional currents all the way to success.

What can attendees expect from The Art of Yin Workshop?

Bex Smith: What we can expect from this year's Art of Yin workshop is that connection to nature. So we'll use nature as our mirror to look at how we can connect into our inner world while seeing the reflection from our outer world. And we do that by um using elements as part of our language. So looking at the different elemental types of air, earth, water and fire and how they relate to our emotions in our everyday life, being able to utilize um that language will also help you bring in aspects of those elements. So it's a really great opportunity for you to sit back, relax and see that reflection in nature or whilst getting the tools and rituals that um can be performed within those seasons.

What does 'celebrating differences' mean to you?

Bex Smith: Differences means to me by acknowledging diversity, valuing individuality, learning and growing from our differences, seeing the strength in our diversity and then of course, challenging stereotypes and bias. So in essence, women celebrating differences for me is about promoting unity, acceptance and empowerment amongst women. While embracing the rich tapestry of experiences and identities that women represent. It's also a powerful concept that can lead to greater equality, respect and support amongst women within society and especially within this beautiful women's well-being community.

Why did you decide to participate in the EveryWoman Gathering this year?

Bex Smith: I'm honored to be a part of the 2023 every woman gathering as I have been with every single previous gathering. So I don't miss an opportunity to connect with these beautiful women in the WWA community. And I have been doing every year since the gathering was started. So this for me is just another year to connect with um the beautiful community and to also share my knowledge and experience and love um for uh the topics that we bring together for the women's well-being at the Every woman gathering.

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