Ila Sowins-Dunmire for 2023 Science & Leadership Symposium

October 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ila Sowins-Dunmire

What prompted you to become a WomenHeart Champion?

Ila Sowins-Dunmire: I'm glad I went through this opportunity to become one. I'd love to help and I like to make a difference and this is gonna be so empowering for everybody involved. I just love the idea of being able to help.

What have you learned during your time at the Symposium?

Ila Sowins-Dunmire: How to take care of myself, how to take care of others, how to be able to give back and have somebody pay attention and get their attention and say, hey, you know, this is important, let's fix it.

What have you enjoyed most about this experience?

Ila Sowins-Dunmire: about this experience, Being able to be around others that have gone through what I've gone through. And it's a wonderful group of women. We are so supportive of each other. It's awesome. And I feel like I have a bunch of new friends. I've got 25 new friends that will be part of my life. Hopefully for a while.

What would you say to women who are considering becoming a WomenHeart Champion?

Ila Sowins-Dunmire: I would say anyone considering becoming a WomenHeart Champion Definitely, if you even, you can't do this. I mean, I'm very introverted, a very quiet person and, normally don't put myself out there for somebody that, I don't know. But having been a nurse for 30 years, I think that maybe that made a difference in my decision.

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