Charmaine Bishop for 2023 Science & Leadership Symposium

October 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Charmaine Bishop

What prompted you to become a WomenHeart Champion?

Charmaine Bishop: Um, actually dress for success. I've been through a lot and I really don't make connections very well, but Megan from Dress for Success just simply asked a question. Has anyone had a heart event or been diagnosed with a heart condition? And that's what prompted me to respond. Now after going through the training, I think that I have a greater appreciation for woman heart and I really look forward to continuing on the process with the education that I received, and educating others. And also I look forward to the connections that I have made here. The genuine connections that I have and just helping other women realize the signs and not being afraid to speak up.

What have you learned during your time at the Symposium?

Charmaine Bishop: uh at the symposium, I learned more of the warning signs in women of heart attack or just even the signs that a heart attack could come in a woman, some things that I was experiencing and I didn't know how to put it into words. I was actually able to confirm those things here at the symposium that I was correct. And just to learn those signs, I think it's important for women to understand that the signs show differently for women. So that is a lot of what I learned. Some of it, I'm still processing it because it is a lot of information that is really good. But it's going to take me a while to sort through it and process it all.

What have you enjoyed most about this experience?

Charmaine Bishop: So what I've enjoyed most about this experience is building community and, and knowing that I'm not the only one and that it's OK. I am like more of an introverted person, but I still enjoyed that I was able to make connections with others and also some of them, they were younger than me. Some were older than me. It really didn't matter the age or the experience because we all, all of our stories were connected in some type of way. So I think I enjoy the fact that I wasn't alone with the type of story that I had and just making some genuine connections that I know are going to last and also having a support system that I didn't know was out there. So I think I enjoyed that the most

What would you say to women who are considering becoming a WomenHeart Champion?

Charmaine Bishop: Do it. You will not regret it. You should definitely do it. I was hesitant at first because I have ambitions that I have on my own. But I think this also is a way to connect in a way that I haven't been able to connect with other before. So even if you're introverted or if you're extroverted or if you're thinking about it and you're unsure or if you even feel uncomfortable and you don't know what it's all about. At least give it a chance. I would say that, give it a chance to try do it because this is an, is an experience that you won't regret.

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