Ektaa Shah for Womanspace Giving Tuesday Board Testimonials

November 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Ektaa Shah

Ektaa Shah: Hi, my name is Ektaa Shah. I am a certified public accountant and I am the treasurer of the Womanspace Board of Directors.

Ektaa Shah: I chose to support Womanspace because when I learned about the staggering statistics related to domestic violence and sexual assault, I couldn't NOT be involved.

Ektaa Shah: After being able to experience firsthand all of the amazing things that Womanspace does to help domestic violence and sexual abuse victims and their families, I would encourage everyone I know to be involved, whether it's just participating in giving Tuesday, participating in Communities of Light events, going to the annual BBS dinner, whatever you can do to be involved would be amazing.

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