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July 13, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Martha Stoumen, Owner, Martha Stoumen Wines. Sarah Wong, Customer Success, Fellow

Sarah Wong: We love our testimonial videos from Vocal Video in a number of different way. On one hand, internally it's really effective for being able to put a face to the customers that you interact with on a daily basis, and to help really understand what it is that they think about your product in a real, very tangible way. In terms of external marketing, it's also really effective for those exact same reasons. It helps to humanize your brand. It puts it in the hands of real people who can relate to whoever is actually providing that testimonial either based on their industry or be some of the company that they work for. If it is somewhat relatable to you that it definitely makes that purchase experience a lot easier because you start to be able to see yourself in their shoes. So that it's extremely effective for creating social media campaigns and marketing your product

Martha Stoumen: Wine is a product that is very hard to advertise for using traditional channels. In the past, we've relied on experts or wine critics to let our customers know that this wine is good but, No one wants to hear directly from the winery itself that their product is great. It's not a believable story. In recent years, wine criticism has become more egalitarian, and it's come from the customers themselves. Vocal Video is just a really great way to capture that.

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