Uplifting Melanin Queens for Woman Owned Everything, LLC (Solace Touch)

September 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jasmine Johnson, Owner & CEO, Uplifting Melanin Queens, LLC

What problem was your company dealing with Wobuilder?

Jasmine Johnson: So before woe, my company did not have a website. So yes, that's the problem that we were having, we did not have any type of structure or um visibility online. And so Woe was definitely able to provide that for us.

How did Wobuilder help resolve this challenge?

Jasmine Johnson: So wolf resolve the issue for me by creating me the most amazing website. I sat down with Jasmine, she asked me questions. She really kept me involved in the process and she just made my vision come to life and she even took it a step further by training me, coaching me, teaching me on how to update my website. And so that way I don't have to bother her every time I need to change a date or add a flyer, I feel very comfortable within my web site. And she's just the most professional person I have met when it comes to web design. She even created an app for my company's conference this year. So if you use woe for anything, you are going to be beyond impressed.

What results did you get with Wobuilder?

Jasmine Johnson: So resulting from working with Woe, I got an amazing website, a dope app, just ridiculous amounts of compliments and just this amazing visibility of my company online.

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