Barbara Jenks Video Testimonial

October 05, 2022

Career coaching testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Barbara Jenks, HR Executive

Can you tell me what things were like before you contacted Wishingwell Coaching?

Barbara Jenks: Hello, My name is Barbara and I am an HR executive who was laid off earlier this year and in thinking about what I wanted to do next, I looked at many recruiters and people who did job search support out there on LinkedIn and so glad that I was shown the way to Jessica and her job search group. There was so much value add from that group, the conversation that was generated by this very high caliber of co similarly situated people to me, people who are mid career, who were looking to make a change in their career for whatever reason, that conversation was very meaty and inspired me to think outside of the box and to move forward in a really different way than I had originally planned. I ended up deciding to open my own business and I reached out to Jess and worked with her one on one for support with that she was very helpful and the direction and support I got from her at that point in time was absolutely invaluable. So if you are looking to change your career for whatever reason, I would wholeheartedly suggest that you join her job search group, especially if you don't know exactly where you want to go, you'll get a lot of great input from fellow searchers out there who are about your same level and if you're looking for one on one support for whatever reason, jess is your person. She was so focused when I had my call with her, I feel like it was two hours long when really it was just barely one hour. So I would ask you to please work with jess. And I really wish you the best of luck in your career choice going forward.

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